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Magnum Venus Products, world-wide leader in composites manufacturing, has once again designed a system that will transform composites production. That system? The Patriot. Easy Slide Catalyst Adjustment Slave Reduces Deep Induction Heat Hardened Unique "Self-Healing" Seal Guided Inlet Reduces—\ Pressure Loss Lowest average catalyst-to-resin variation of any system available - less than 1% Unprecedented precision Modular design fits any application from chop-and-spray to filament winding Self-healing seals "Soft-stop" inlet valve on the Catalyst Pump Rapid Access Design (R.A.D.) for easy Want to learn more? Contact: MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS Corporate HQ/Mfg. E-mail: © 2006 Copyright Magnum Venus Products. All Rights Reserved. MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS

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WHY PATRIOT? Composites manufacturers have been experiencing the same quality control issues for years, including porosity, prerelease, gelcoat cracking and more. As pumping technology improved over the years to address things like lowering styrene emissions, the root problem behind the quality control issues was not directly addressed. That problem – imprecise metering. Seeing a growing trend with Composites manufacturers moving to more automated processes, where pumping system performance and precise metering would become critical, the MVP Advanced Design Group set to work in developing...

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