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CLOSED MOLDING Item Description (Patent Pending) Turbo Autosprue PPVS-lnfusion Pneumatic Pressure Vacuum Sensor Turbo Autosprue - Infusion IPC-1000 Pipe Clamp - Manual Control Panel - 3 Line Infusion Film Adaptor-for Omega Feed Infusion Film Adaptor-no Resin Feed IFA-3000-FLX Infusion Film Adaptor-for 12mm Spiral Flex Molding Process Part No. Item Description FLX-SBC-UI Universal Insert for Silicone Bag FLX-UI-100 Universal Insert - Resin Feed Channel Universal Insert - PPVS, Vacuum & Blank Plug FLX-CLOTH Flex Cloth Unique Seals (Patent Pending) Part No. Item Description FLX-CH10-1 10mm Resin Feed Channel No. 1 FLX-EP10 End Piece for Resin Feed Channel No. 1 360° Double Locking Lip Seal for Silicone Suction Cup for use with Locking Elastosil E43 Wacker Silicone Adhesive ) 2011 by Magnum Venus Plastech. All Rights Reserved. Magnum Venus Plastech E-mail: info@mvpind.com ■ Web: www.mvpind.com

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