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MAGNUM VENUS Superior performance with a human touch... That's the special difference Products' Guns Magnum Venus Products is the Right FIT® for Your Application Magnum Venus Products has been providing the leading FRP technology solutions available on the market for over 50 years, and with their Advanced Design Group (A.D.G.) continue to bring the future In an effort to anticipate the changing emissions control standards, the MVP Advanced Design Group developed the patent issued F.l.T. line of products. Fluid Impingement Technology reduces emissions levels to a new low, exceeding EPA requirements. It also has the added benefit of significant material savings. those standards have been met. The A.D.G. then turned their considerable experience to designing an "operator friendly" line of guns. The results: Are-designed gun utilizing F.l.T, as well as modularity for chop-and-spray operations, and a Stainless Steel/large porting design for filled resins applications. MODULAR DESIGN featuring fewer parts for easier assembly, and improved ergonomics in the handle. Less than two years later, MVP has once again come up with a superior gun design. Equipment design for the FRP industry has been focused on meeting the strict emissions standards set by the government. With F.l.T, Delivering maximum quality and efficiency, the Cipher and Maximus Hydraulic Assist designs are the most unique in our line of

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Both the Cipher and Maximus are over a pound lighter than any other gun on the market, reducing the potential for straining hand and arm muscles when chopping or spraying. With a reduced gun head weight, balanced design handle and trigger, the weight of the gun is further back over the hand Maximus spraying into quart sized cup chop-and-spray guns. Their innovative design also reflects a crucial fact: people operate the equipment. Increasingly strict regulations point to the importance of human and environmental factors in manufacturing. With these issues in mind, the Cipher and Maximus...

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OPTIMUM VERSATILITY Compatible with all Magnum Venus Products hydraulic injection system (H.I.S.) equipment, the Cipher, Maximus and SuperPro Gun are several tools in one. Depending on the configuration, they will spray catalyzed resin; a mixture of chopped fiberglass and catalyzed resin; or gelcoat. The Cipher and SuperPro are even ideal for RTM resin injection. Conversion between setups is fast and uncomplicated. EASY MAINTENANCE WITH RAPID ACCESS DESIGN (R.A.D.) The Cipher and Maximus feature the new modular rapid access design which not only enhances their versatility – it makes...

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RIT.® REPORTS LOWEST EMISSION FACTOR Independent tests have demonstrated Magnum Venus Products as the leader in innovative, price-conscious solutions to VOC emissions. The introduction of F.I.T., using the H.I.S. pumping system, dramatically reduces styrene emissions by reducing atomization and allowing fiberglass operations to address regional and national styrene regulations with a cost-effective solution. In a recent independent test conducted by order of a state environmental agency in the United States, emission factors as low as 2.2% were reported for an FRP manufacturer using the...

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Styrène Emission Factor based on Raw Material Usage (lb styrene/lb resin) Styrene Emission Factor Styrene Emission Factor based on Monomer Usage (lb styrene/lb styrene monomer used) Styrene Emission Factor

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Average Flow Rates (dsfcm) Average Styrene Emission Rate for an 8-hour production shift (lb styrene emitted/hour) Avg. Styrene Emission Rate

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AUTOMATIC CHOP & SPRAY GUNS Magnum Venus Products offers various options for automating the chop & spray process. These special guns take full advantage of modern automation and robotics technology. Their basic assembly consists of automatic gun block. A double-acting cylinder, attached to a gun block, replaces the handle and trigger. Air is applied to the front of the cylinder to trigger spraying and flushing. For automatic chopping, an optional strand drop sensor is available to help ensure efficient operation of the automatic guns. This sensor system monitors glass strands and shuts down...

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