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4-Roll Fiber Wetout Unit (as shown) }j Highly Productive & Efficient Rolled Goods Wetout Consistant Glass-to-Resin Ratios yj Easily Configurable to Suit Your Production

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Mobile Gantry Model Wet-Out Unit revolutionized the marine industry years ago. It continues to find application in sizes as well as numerous other non-marine products. Best known for its high levels The M.V.P. Fiber Wet-Out Unit savings of resin, labor and time Side Elevation Fiberglass Fabric Widths Electrical Requirements with optional heater 220 Volt, single phase, 30 amps, 60 cyclej 220 Volt, three phase, 30 amps, 60 cycle ', Catalyst Ratio Pumping System Standard 11:1 Resin Pump For more information, contact: 4-Roll Fiber Wet-Out Unit's mechanically driven rollers and pneumatic drive...

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