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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System by MAADI Group

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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System

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MAADI Group, Inc. reserves the right to make changes, including specifications, content or descriptions at any time, without notice. © All rights reserved MAADI Group, Inc. 2015 Make-A-Bridge® is a Registered Trademark of MAADI Group, Inc.

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Introduction 05 About MAADI Group Design Innovation Aluminum: the Better Material Choice Sustainability 07 Awards Received Technical Specifications Advantages 10 Live Load Capacity psf (kPa) Destructive Testing Vibration Testing Customization 16 Bridge end Configuration Guardrail 20 Structure Connection Decking Materials Decking Materials Comparison Charts Transition Plate Applications 32 Military 34 Architectural 36 Cantilever Walkway Industrial 40 Maritime 42 Park & Golf Course

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04 Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System 1* Bota Bota Spa sur I'eau Gangways Project,Montreal, Quebec

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The Make-A-Bridge® modular system's Meccano®-style design approach optimizes bridge performance and aesthetics. MAADI Group's patented bridge system offers a unique design solution that is customized to your specifications and needs. Design options offer versatility in a cost-effective and durable superstructure. MAADI Group works with your team, from design concept through final installation to bring accessibility and sustainability together for your next project.

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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System About MAADI Group Since 2003, MAADI Group, Inc. has engineered optimal functionality into pedestrian bridge structures. As structural engineers, we create sustainable access infrastructure for commercial, civil, industrial, and recreational construction projects. Design Innovation Aluminum: the Better Material Choice The Make-A-Bridge pedestrian bridge design is ideal for new construction, renovations or retrofits of existing bridges, and may be used in temporary or permanent applications for indoor or outdoor venues. The sleek, modular design is...

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MAADI Group Professional Engineers are experts in aluminum pedestrian bridge design. We design, fabricate and manufacture our patented Make-A-Bridge® at our facilities in Boucherville, Québec, to the highest engineering and design standards. Awards Received MAADI Group is committed to implementing the sustainable benefits of Make-A-Bridge® to improve the environment in every community where our pedestrian bridges are used. Make-A-Bridge® incorporates the sustainable design principles of energy conservation, use of recyclable materials, greater functionality and design flexibility, and...

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Technical Specifications

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The advantages of designing in aluminum, and the technical specifications and parameters required throughout production, assembly, transport, and installation demonstrate our rigorous attention to detail and dedication to consistent quality that is achieved in the development and support of the Make-A-Bridge® product.

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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System Advantages Make-A-Bridge® is a weld-free modular secure bridge system that is assembled “Meccano®-style”. Its structural design allows pedestrian bridge construction in spans of up to 60 feet (18.3 meters) and adapts to a wide variety of project scopes. - 100% recyclable aluminum structural components - Easily assembled in just a few hours - Meets standards of North American and other Western nations - ntegrates well with new construction, renovations and I retrofits of existing structures - ncludes complete engineering services, eliminating all of the I...

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Technical Specifications Additional Characteristics - igitally produced and shipped in separate parts. Deployable D in a range of geometries that can be delivered and installed in far less time than competitive products - tandard off-the-shelf components available in 2 to 3 weeks, S ready to be shipped flat anywhere in North America, and in 4 to 6 weeks anywhere worldwide - Much lower shipping costs than conventional structures - uilt to international standards, including American and B Canadian codes (AASHTO, ASCE and CSA) - Make-A-Bridge® delivered in bundles to your construction site,...

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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System Live Load Capacity psf (kPa) Length Target use - Bicycles, pedestrians and lightweight vehicles - Minimum height 54" – 1372mm Target use - Pedestrians and lightweight vehicles - Minimum height 42" – 1067mm Clear width

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Technical Specifications Destructive Testing On August 13, 2009, a destructive structural test was conducted at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (U of W) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Structures Laboratory to determine the maximum load capacity of a Make-A-Bridge® modular bridge system. Testing took place under the supervision of Professors, Dr. Scott Walbridge, P.Eng., and Dr. Sriram Narasimhan, P.Eng., along with Graduate Student researchers, Doctoral candidate Pampa Dey, and Master’s graduate student Ann Sychterz. The specimen consisted of...

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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Bridge System Vibration Testing Beginning in Spring, 2014, vibration testing is ongoing at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Structures Laboratory.

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Technical Specifications Supervised Testing Test Set-Up & Parameters Testing will determine how vibrations from crowd loading impact the Make-A-Bridge® pedestrian footbridge’s key joints and structural integrity by measuring acceleration responses for various bridge span lengths. Vibration testing is taking place under the supervision of Professors, Dr. Scott Walbridge, P. Eng., and Dr. Sriram Narasimhan, P. Eng., along with Graduate Student researchers, Doctoral candidate Pampa Dey, and Master’s graduate student Ann Sychterz. The footbridge specimens consist of spans varying from 10' (3m)...

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Make-A-Bridge® spans may be constructed in lengths of up to 60' (18.3m), and may be customized to adapt to a wide variety of indoor or outdoor project applications. Various configurations, including customized bridge ends, guardrails, side panels, decking materials, colors, anodized or baked paint finishes, and LED lighting options are available.

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