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cosmetics for your boat Professionalism and passion for the care of your boat Choose ecology, choose

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cosmetics for your boat ISO 9001 A COMPANY PAR EXCELLENCE Top quality production, research laboratories and cutting edge development, constant focus on innovation: these few but significant words encapsulate the essence of MA-FRA, the Italian chemical company that has been synonymous with professional quality for almost fifty years. MA-FRA is, essentially, the only Italian company of the sector able to boast about the environmental certification ISO 14001 and the quality certification ISO 9001. Choose ecology, choose

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cosmetics for your boat In 2004 MA-FRA was awarded the prestigious environmental ISO 14001 certification: even today, our company is the only national activity in the sector to hold this exacting certification TÜV. the most stringent world Certification Body, periodically verifies that our company adheres to the extremely high standards stipulated by the regulations. To be ISO 14001 certified means, among other things, having an improvement plan geared towards the gradual reduction in the environmental impact of our products. That's why MA-FRA has progressively eliminated the presence of...

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cosmetics for your boat JOIN THE “MARINE POINT” NETWORK ENJOY A SEA OF ADVANTAGES IMMEDIATELY! Yo u r sh o p w i l l be t rans form e d i nto a “M ari ne P oi nt ” re com m e nde d cen tr e. You’ll be able to take advantage of the privileges reserved for our best CUSTOMERS: 1 2 3 Increased visibility immediately, as your shop data will be featured on our portal Special promotions, dedicated exclusively to shops affiliated to our network. Free telephone consultation on the best use of our “Boat Line”. 4 Preview distribution of the new items that will be launched on the market...

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ALL DEFEND can be easily defined as "total", as it has a vast field of application and an almost endless list of possible uses. It creates an amber coloured, insulating and water-resistant considerably thick film that grips any surfaces: metal, wood, glass and rubber, without p£ ALL DEFEND does not drip, resists any temperature and is perfect in brackish environments. It acts against chemical (brackishness, salty fog) and atmospheric agents avoiding corrosion of the treated parts. ■j* It is excellent as electric insulation, preventing the formation of humidity on all the electrical parts....

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cosmetics for your boat MULTI-PURPOSE HIGHLY RESISTANT GREASE ^ CATENOIL is a completely new lubricant, more effective than any traditional type of product. It is applied by a spray can, is highly resistant and super-lubricating, does not dry, and thanks to its strong grip and resistance, CATENOIL is highly concentrated and compact and ensures excellent lubrication at all times, also preventing ^ CATENOIL leaves a lubricating and water-resistant film that is resistant to chemical wash-outs, saline and high P£ CATENOIL, ideal for rudders and tie rods, avoids wear to the gears and even...

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cosmetics for your boat TRANSPARENT, STRONG GRIP AND HIGH PENETRATION SUPER LUBRICANT Strong penetration, grip lubricant, protects chains, sliding joins, gears, sockets, ball and rolling-element bearings, mechanical parts, and battery clamps. LUBRIMAX has unbelievable lubricating abilities, guarantees extremely effective gliding and is resistant to washes, chemical agents and saline. It does not dirt or drip and resists high temperatures and strong mechanical oscillations.

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MULTI-USE DRY LUBRICANT REACTIVATES, PROTECTS, CLEANS AND LOOSENS OILSILIC is a dry, multi-use lubricant designed to offer maximum performance in nautical, civil, industrial and motor environments. Its mixture contains selected oils «w OILSILIC is water-repellent and anti-static and recommended for preserving or restoring the correct conduction of all electrical and start-up plants, for motorised control tie-rods and, naturally, to eliminate all the squeaks in doors or in any other part subject to Ideal in all environments, as well as lubricating the parts subject to the treatment, OILSILIC...

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cosmetics for your boat PROTECTIVE GLAZING POLISHING SPLENDIMOTOR is the product devised by MA-FRA for the protection and beauty of the motor. Its spray jet creates a polishing glazing film that impervious to atmospheric and chemical agents. It creates a mirror "effect" on plastic and rubber parts of the motor that completes and amplifies the overall result Heat resistant (600°) SPLENDIMOTOR is indispensable, as a preventive treatment, on all motors subjected to strong external aggression like the marine SPLENDIMOTOR is much more than a simple protective product and its main ingredients...

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cosmetics for your boat POLE POSITION SUPER-CLEANING HANDWASH CREAM POLE POSITION is a lightly abrasive cream hand-wash, devised by MA-FRA to remove the most stubborn dirt, especially for shipyard and mooring garage workers. Highly concentrated, a little is really enough for a result as incredible as it is brilliant against any type of agent. It is based on surfactants of natural origin. t POLE POSITION is gentle on the skin and, at the same time, unbeatable against any type of grease or oil: it is exceptional for dissolving that used for Diesel engines.

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SVITING RAPID STRONG PENETRATION UNBLOCKING DESCALER SVITING Rapid Spray is ideal for both large maintenance centres and private set-ups. ^ SVITING Rapid Spray instantly breaks down rust, loosening threaded joints like connections, screw clips, mèi SVITING Rapid Spray, thanks to its strong penetrative action enables rapid and excellent lubrication on any surfaces (like padlocks or coupled joints) and does not attack the treated parts, not even the most delicate parts, like rubber or varnished parts. What's more, its universal valve allows it to function in any position until the product is...

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RAPID DESCALING CLEANER FOR CARBURETOR FUEL SYSTEMS RESET is the new descaling cleaner for carburettors and injection fuel systems devised in the MA-FRA R&D RESET is a product of the exclusive formulation, available in a handy spray can, that cleans both the external and interior of the injection system and fuel system deep down. RESET offers maximum performances in treating the plastic or new generation throttle butterflies. Supplied directly in the air duct (immediately after the filter), RESET acts in a few seconds, solidly dissolving the large and small scaling and the cause of many...

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