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KISMET by Lürssen with Espen Øino and Reymond Langton Design The German shipyard Lürssen launched the 95-m Kismet in autumn last year for a client who already owned a yacht by the shipyard. The Owner’s previous yacht was the 68-metre winner of various international prizes that bears the same name as this stunning yacht of nearly 100 metres. As is often the case, the Owner did not just want a larger yacht, but also one that put Lürssen’s engineering and production capabilities to the test, and the yard surpassed itself with the new Kismet, a yacht with extensive technological content primarily focused on entertainment for the family and guests on board. The German shipyard once again worked with well known designers Espen Øino International, for the exterior, and Reymond Langton Design for the interiors on this project. These professionals have previously worked together on Lürssen designs such as the recent Ester III, a 66-metre yacht that can be admired at first hand at the next Monaco Yacht Show. The new Kismet, in the wake of the previous one, has already obtained international recognition in the category of motor yachts with a length overall of 75+ metres for the quality of her design, naval engineering and construction. As mentioned above, this yacht has been developed to allow her Owner to welcome guests and family in the utmost comfort. The Owner clearly loves to amaze guests with unusual, high-impact solutions such as a private observatory – facing the sun deck – for gazing at the summer sky, which can be done even while lying down, should people wish to do so. This deck also houses a swimming pool with a built-in hydromassage function, the aft side wall of which forms the skylight for the lift compartment, and all of this is connected aesthetically and perceptually by a waterfall. These are undoubtedly unusual solutions, but most importantly they are elements that make this magnificent yacht a pioneer when it comes to architectural concepts and a demonstration of the shipyard’s stunning engineering and construction capab

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The sun deck is unmistakably dedicated to welcoming and entertaining guests, with a barbecue area aft of the section described above and a second helipad forward, in addition to the primary one aft on the main deck. What makes this deck clearly focused on relaxation and entertainment is the fact that the forward helipad can be transformed in seconds into a convenient area for golf practice, or if need be into another space for partying. Still on the subject of open air living areas, the main deck has a dining area TIMELESS, with buffet tables around it and more CUTTING-EDGE importantly a...

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KISMET Kismet’s interiors can also be experienced as cosy spaces with two fireplaces and a climate control system that is particularly effective no matter what the external temperature is. Inside, the yacht boasts the best the market has to offer when it comes to materials, highlevel artwork and craftsmanship, giving the ship uncompromising comfort. In terms of the exterior lines, their designer Espen Øino had this to say: “The initial development of Kismet’s design began shortly after the launch of the previous Kismet [editor’s note: also built by Lürssen], with the contract signed in...

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Observation platform Bridge deck Upper deck MAIN TECHNICAL DATA Main deck LOA LWL Beam Draught Construction material Displacement Speed Range at 12 knots Main engines and generator sets Emergency Genset Propulsion / Steering Lower deck Bow thruster Stern thrusters Pump jet Fuel capacity Fresh water capacity Fresh water makers Sewage system Stabilizers Air conditioning Class Berths Tender Under Lower deck Designer exterior Designer interior Builder/Year Tank deck 95,2 m / 312’3’’ ft 75,50 m / 247’7’’ ft 13,80 m / 45’3’’ ft 3,75 m / 12’3’’ ft steel / aluminium abt. 2.428 t 16,9 knots 6.000 nm...

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