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KIND OF THE EQUIPMENT ACC.TO DETAIL X 2 Item no Name, standard marking Bracket for lock 1 Bolt rim lock 3240Z-100228-left hand door-Schwepper Bolt rim lock 3240Z-100227-right hand door Catch-bolt rim lock 3827Z-109159-left hand door-Schwepper Catch-bolt rim lock 3827Z-109161-right hand door Handles set 2210-110817-Schwepper Cylinder cover 4577 ZK-Schwepper Cylindrical bolt with hexagon seat DIN 127 HOLE IN BULKHEAD B+80 for kind A ul.Wieleñska 1, 64-980 Trzcianka tel. +48/67/216-22-44 fax +48/67/216-59-40 e-mail: marketing@lubmor.pl e-mail: konstrukcja@lubmor.pl WEATHERTIGHT SINGLE-LEAF STEEL DOOR R.f.l C.1

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WEATERTIGHT SINGLE – LEAF STEEL DOOR GENERAL PROVISIONS Doors are constructed and made on the base of regulations and standards as below : - Ships and marine technology – Weathertight single-leaf steel door ISO 6042 : 1998, - International standard – Ships and marine technology – single-leaf external door – clear opening PN-ISO 3796-1996, - Ship tight door – clear opening BN-78/3712-17, - Stream – tight single-leaf steel door BN-80/3712-17.01 - Heavy hinged doors for ships – DIN 83100 APPROPRATION The doors are mainly suitable for mounting in steel bulkheads of ship. EXECUTION Door-leaf...

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