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ASSEMBLY SYSTEM TYPE I ul. Wieleńska 1, 64-980 Trzcianka tel. +48/67/216-22-44 fax +48/67/210-19-19 e-mail:

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DOOR CLASS B15 APPROPRATION The door class B15 is designed for closing the passages in internal accommodation which have got a fire-proof protection class B15 on all float objects. This door is suitable for assembly in walls thick. 50 mm, 25 mm or steel wall. EXECUTION The door-frame is made of 1,5 mm steel profile welded to form the frame. The door sill is protected of stainless steel cover. The door-leaf is made of two cassettes 0,7 mm of PVC covered or painted galvanized steel sheet and internal frame of channel section. The door-leaf is filled with mineral wool. There are profiles...

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