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2016 Catalogue - 1

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2016 Catalogue - 2

“We help anglers catch more fish, providing professional level features and easy-to-use operation. For advantage and reliability, look no further than Lowrance”. Autopilot Products HOOK Series GoFREE® Shop Sonar Enhancements

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2016 Catalogue - 3

CHOOSE YOUR STRUCTURESCAN® 3D Scan Tracking 4 / product family preview / structurescan® 3D StructureScan® 3D is a new, unique imaging view that allows anglers to gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their boat. Powered by a multi-beam sonar technology, StructureScan 3D converts 3x scans of underwater terrain and fish-holding structure into high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional views. 5 StructureScan 3D works exclusively with the HDS Gen3 Series.

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2016 Catalogue - 4

ADVANTAGES EASE-OF-USE Lowrance® interface with multi-touch screen or full keypad control provides lightning-fast, fingertip access to all HDS® features. The Lowrance® HDS Gen3 combines a brighter, multi-touch display and enhanced processor with leading-edge fishfinder technologies, including CHIRP Sonar, Broadband Sounder, optional StructureScan® 3D, StructureScan HD, DownScan Imaging™ and Trackback™ view. The Gen3 has dual microSD card slots, an internal 10Hz GPS antenna, the latest advances in always-reliable Lowrance navigation and integrated wireless connectivity. The industry-leading...

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2016 Catalogue - 5

Outboard Pilot OUTBOARDpilot StructureScan® 3D allows anglers to see fish, structure and bottom contour in a stunning three-dimensional view. StructureScan® 3D imaging scans underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional view beneath your boat. With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their boat. StructureScan 3D works exclusively with HDS Gen3 series displays. Everything you need in one box to fit an autopilot to your outboard motor. When connected to a...

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2016 Catalogue - 6

SERIES Easy To Use With Great Performance Elite-Ti units have integrated wireless connectivity, proven Lowrance navigation and high-performance sonar. Sporting a high-resolution SolarMAX™ touchscreen display, the Elite Ti series has your sonar needs covered with Trackback™, StructureScan® HD compatibility and support for Low/Med/High CHIRP and 50/83/200 /455/800kHz frequencies. The Lowrance® Elite Ti series – featuring Elite-7Ti and Elite-5Ti touchscreen fishfinder/chartplotters – matches high-end features with powerful performance at an affordable price. TotalScan™ Transducer Add the...

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2016 Catalogue - 7

• 7” high-resolution, widescreen, LED-backlit SolarMax™ colour display • Simple, easy-to-use interface • Touchscreen provides fast, fingertip access to all Elite-7 Ti features • NMEA 2000® networking compatibility • Supports SmartSteer™ control of MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motors • op-of-the line sonar technologies provide the best possible view of the environment beneath your boat T (StructureScan® requires optional TotalScan™ transducer.) • Review sonar and structure history with TrackBack™ • Highly accurate, built-in 10Hz GPS antenna • Built-in wireless connectivity provides access to the...

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2016 Catalogue - 8

Essential Features at a Great Value SERIES Easy to use and powered by proven fish-finding capability, the HOOK series combines the benefits of CHIRP Sonar and DownScan Imaging™ technology to give you a clear and complete view of the underwater environment beneath your boat. With a built-in high sensitivity GPS antenna and trusted Lowrance navigation features, revisiting your favorite fishing spot is simple whether you use the base map, optional high-definition chart upgrades, or your own Insight Genesis® custom maps. What is CHIRP CHIRP sonar uses multiple frequencies at once, allowing...

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2016 Catalogue - 9

• igh-definition 9 & 7-inch, widescreen colour display H • HIRP Sonar plus DownScan Imaging™ – the power of today’s leading fishfinder technologies combined C to provide the best possible view beneath your boat • ighly accurate, built-in GPS antenna H • lobal chart upgrade options include Navionics + and C-MAP MAX-N G • Use Insight Genesis® custom maps created from your own sonar logs • DownScan Overlay™ technology overlays DownScan Imaging onto CHIRP Sonar • dvanced Signal Processing (ASP™) reduces the need to manually adjust settings to see fish, structure A and bottom detail more clearly...

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2016 Catalogue - 10

The HOOK-3x and HOOK-3x DSI fishfinders give new meaning to value and affordability. The HOOK-3x has 83/200kHz Broadband Sounder™ with Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™), excellent target separation and superior noise rejection, making it easier to see baitfish and gamefish targets. With HOOK-3x DSI, you get picture-like views of underwater terrain and fish-holding structure, powered by dual frequency (455/800kHz) DownScan Imaging™ technology. The Hook-5 Ice Machine uses CHIRP Sonar technology to give you a complete view of the underwater environment beneath the ice. It comes with a portable...

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2016 Catalogue - 11

MAPPING Lowrance supports a large variety of third-party mapping products, including key partners C-MAP and Navionics®. GoFree™ is powering the digital marine ecosystem with offerings like GoFree Shop, GoFree Hooked and GoFree Controller apps. With GoFree, anglers can upload and download maps and update software directly from their fishfinder / chartplotter utilising the built-in wireless connectivity and GoFree Cloud capability of HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti units. GoFree Shop GoFree Shop is a one-stop shop for marine-mapping needs that gives boaters the capability to download purchases or...

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2016 Catalogue - 12

SONAR ENHANCEMENTS StructureScan® HD SONAR IMAGING • Sonar-imaging solution with dedicated side and down-looking views for the best possible picture around and below your boat • Plug-and-play compatibility with HDS® Gen2/3 • Transom-mount and thru-hull transducer options Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Transducer (Single) Stainless Steel Dual Thru-Hull Transducer (Pair) Skimmer® Transducer Plastic Thru-Hull Transducer StructureScan 3D & HD Skimmer Transom Mount StructureScan 3D Transducer and Module SONAR IMAGING Skimmer Flush Mount SURROUND-SCAN SONAR • urround-scan imaging for your HDS® Gen3,...

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