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Rope Catalogue 2017/2018 - 92 Pages

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Rope Catalogue 2017/2018

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Unlimited Rope Solutions Rope Catalogue 2017/ 2018

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LIROS – UNLIMITED ROPE SOLUTIONS LIROS Unlimited Rope Solutions LIROS is now recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. LIROS continue to manufacture in Germany in order that we can control every part of the production from start to finish. All of the LIROS production is carefully monitored by experienced technicians during every stage of manufacture to ensure complete satisfaction in the most demanding applications. The unique and new process to 'LIROS LCS' (LIROS Coating System) has...

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Content Yacht Rope XTReme    6 Shock Cord/Tie-down Attachment    44 Whipping Twine/small Cords, Point-of-Sale    46 Natural Fibre Rope    77 LIROS Promotion Material    84 LIROS Climate Protection    85 Recommended Yachting Line    Diameters    86 Recommended Mooring Line    Diameters    87 Yacht Rope Recommendations    88 Technical and Chemical Specifications    89

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LIROS Coating System Latest technology State-of-the-art technology is essential for producing premium products Laboratory Technical development of unique rope solutions Testing Continuous quality control Warehousing Computer-based inventory systems allow for fastest deliveries Splicing Department Customized solutions for all kind of rope applications. LIROS LCS is the best protection against wearand-tear and UV effects for technical ropes. LIROS LCS increases UV- and wearresistance by up to 50% LIROS DRS is the durable water-repellent coating for technical ropes. LIROS line optimization...

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LIROS is there for you! Quality Made in Germany Our LIROS customer service team has solutions for even the most demanding customers - retail, wholesale, or directto-industry. We'll provide all the dimensional sizing, working and breaking load information you need to choose the right LIROS product for the job. Unlimited Rope Solutions Individual Terminations Protective cover Continuous splice Friction Ring In addition to common splicing and whipping, our experienced ropemakers specialise in fashioning and finishing of high-tech sheets, mooring lines and halyards. We can create the perfect...

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XTREME LIROS Runner PBO-XTR    05008 LIROS Runner PBO-XTR is the rope with ultimate cover for extreme abrasion resistance and high temperature conditions. • grip factor 5 (Page 11) • XTReme abrasion resistance • XTReme heat resistance, up to 650°C • melt resistant cover Cover 1 00 % Zylon® Construction 32-plaited Core Dyneema® SK99 1 2-plaited pre-stretched with LIROS HSS and LIROS LCS • excellent power transference through LIROS Grip Coating • XTReme low stretch Weight    Weight    Weight    Stretch    Breaking mm    g/m    Cover g/m Core g/m    %    strength kg mi i l I I Heat Stretch...

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LIROS Control-XTR is optimised for grip, combined with high abrasion and temperature resistance. grip factor 10 [Page 111 maximum grip under extreme winch and stopper conditions perfect release with compact cover construction excellent abrasion resistance at high temperatures superior cover-core power transference LIROS LCS !■■■■■■ LIROS Coating System Construction 32-plaited Core Dyneema® SK99 1 2-plaited pre-stretched with LIROS HSS and LIROS LCS mm    g/m    Cover g/m Core g/m    %    strength kg D-Pro-XTR is a 1 2-plaited hollow-braid Dyneema® line with highly durable XTR Grip Coating....

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LIROS D-Pro Static    01504 LIROS D-Pro Static is the only Dyneema® product with no creep. Ideal for any application where dimensional stability is critical touthaul, backstay, dinghy shrouds). Also suited for static lines in industrial or other water sport applications. • no creep Dyneema® DM20 • high breaking load with smallest diameter and lowest weight • exceptionally easy to splice • highly UV-stable, excellent abrasion resistance • LIROS Coating System Material    LIROS Dyneema® DM20 V-Plus-XTR is 1 2-plaited, hollow braided Vectran® with high tech XTR Coating. Perfect as a wire...

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LIROS V-Plus Zero with 100 % Dyneema® cover is the perfect forestay material, with complete splicing service from LIROS. Specially developed as a replacement for wire forestays with wheel or ratchet adjusters. Simplifies installation and setup for attachable light-weather genoa stay or storm jib babystay. Construction 32-plaited Core 100 % Vectran ® with LCS Coating • grip factor 3 (Page 11) • Dyneema ® for lowest friction • excellent handling LIROS V-Plus Zero • low weight • new LCS coating • no creep Ø mm Weight Cover Weight Core Breaking Length strength kg of spool m 7000 LIROS Coating...

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XTREME LIROS Slide Protect-XTR 10148 Dyneema® SK78 with LIROS Slide Protect-XTR provides a supplemental cover and protects against ab- XTR-Coating rasion in turning blocks and fairleads. Slide Protect-XTR is not suited for protection in stoppers or on winches, the low cover Grip Factor delivers lowest friction. Colour • grip factor 3 (Page 11) • very easy to splice LIROS HSS ml ! 1 1 I Heat Stretch System LIROS LCS !■■■■■■ LIROS Coating System Ref.    Measure- Cover For rope 0 Construction Breaking Length of ments mm mm    mm    strength kg spool m LIROS Grip Protect-XTR covers lines and...

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