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LIROS Rope Catalogue - 58 Pages

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LIROS Rope Catalogue

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Yacht Rope Industrial Rope

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Unlimited Rope Solutions LIROS is now recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. Liros has the most modern factory for rope production in Europe having invested heavily in new machinery which is calibrated to give both top quality and consistent quality. All of the LIROS production is carefully monitored by experienced technicians during every stage of manufacture to ensure complete satisfaction in the most demanding applications. The unique and new process to 'LIROS NCS' (Nano Coating...

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Yacht Rope Yacht Rope Cruising 7-11 Super Yacht Mooring 1 2 Whipping twine and small cords 30-31 Natural Fibre Rope, Cords 46-47 Technical and Chemical Specifications 54-55 Yacht Rope Recommendations 56

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A new product designed for the highest level of competition, which has been used by some of the best Americas Cup Teams also on the Vendée Globe and other Grand Prix events. The core is the same colour as the cover LIROS Racer Pro has been designed to be particularly effective when used without the cover. The cover and the core work equally well on winches and clutches. Racer Pro is ideal for both sheets and halyards. Designed for use without cover Matching colour core and cover easy to splice and remove cover Weight Length Cover High tenacity Polyester Core Dyneema® SK78 high impregnation...

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Very low stretch rope for halyards, spinaker and genoa sheets, high tenacity, light and long durability top-performance rope, plaited cover gives excellent resistance to abrasion, additional cover between core which is made out of Dyneema® SK75 and outer cover preventing movement between the two when under extreme load. • very high tenacity, light and excellent durability • High performance Polyester in the cover makes it extremely resistant to abrasion • also fullcoloured available (see Herkules Color p. 7) Colours (Steel-Blue with marker yarn) Cover Special polyester high twisted...

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LIROS D-Pro The LIROS 100% pure Dyneema rope with the latest technology in coa- ting technology. The pre stretched 12-braid is extremely easy to splice. Impregnated with a special PU, the resistance to abrasion has improved more than 75%. The pre stretching process further improves the overall performance of the LIROS D Pro. These two treatments combined with the fact it is a pure Dyneema rope offer improved performance by as much as 70% over a conventional polyester covered Dyneema. A multi purpose rope with many applications across every sailing yacht. Ideal replacement for stainless...

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LIROS Herkules Very resilient, extremely multi-functional rope of the highest quality, especially designed for sheets, halyards and trim lines, suitable for yachts of every size, very durable and low stretch, easily spliced to wire - thermo fixed. Very good adhesion on winch drums, abrasion resistant cover, nonkinking. Best choice for cruising yachts. • very high quality line for the demanding cruising yacht sailor • universally usable as sheet, halyard or control line • easy to splice and absolutely nonkinking • excellent abrasion resistance Cover Polyester 1:1 -plaited Core high tenacity...

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Very high tensile strength, nonkinking, long lasting sheet made from 100% Polyester. For use as mainsail and headsail and spinakersheets. Ideal for blue water sailing, easy to splice - heat set. • the traditional sheet for sailing yachts of every size • nonkinking, with abrasion resistant cover, high strength • allround line, easy to splice Polyester high tenacity Polyester plaited Very high tensile strength, nonkinking, long lasting sheet out of 100% Polyester. Line for use as mainsail and headsail and spinaker-sheets. Ideal for blue water sailing, easy to splice - heat set. • The coloured...

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LIROS Prestretch For use as halyards and control lines for yachts up to 11 m - heat set. 3-strand or 8-plait Polyester. White with guarantee yarn in blue/gold or coloured with LIROS blue/gold fleck. • low stretch, inexpensive Polyester halyard for smaller boats and traditional cruising yachts • 3-strand, very easy to splice (Ref. 00121] LIROS Allround Low-cost allround sheet and spinaker sheet made from high tenacity fibres for cruising yacht sailors, minimal water absorption, easy to handle and resi- stant to abrasion - heat set. • low-cost, winch suitable sheet, easy to handle • cover...

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High quality, allround sheet for cruising yachts, with very flexible, soft, easy to grip matt cover. Ideal for dinghy sailors - excellent handling and • high quality matt yarn giving easy handling • proven allround line for cruising yachts • very good sheet for cruising yachts up to 35 feet Cover Polyester matt yarn Core Polyester plaited Very easy to handle line in 6 different colours, for genoa and spinaker sheets, downhauls and control lines - heat set. • high quality matt yarn giving easy handling • seawater resilient colour • good identification with 6 different colours Navy blue Cover...

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LIROS Standard Low priced and soft sheet made from easy to grip staple Poyester, heat set. • soft and easy to grip • allround sheet Breaking Length Cover Polyester staple yarn Core Polypropylene multifilament plaited LIROS IMautic Spinaker sheet for dinghies or small keelboats, soft, very light and easy to handle, can also be used as light weather sheet - and water- ski rope, floats. Made from UV-stabilized Polypropylene multifilament. 0 1,5 mm to 5 mm without, 0 6 mm to 1 4 mm with guarantee yarn • very light Breaking Length

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LIROS Super Yacht DB is a new range of mooring and anchoring warps for Super Yachts from 70' to 200' feet in length. The cover is specially treated against the effects of abrasion using the unique LIROS impreg- nation system NCS. These ropes are very flexible combining high stretch and shock absorbing qualities with great handling characteristics. Available ready spliced and with leather protection around the spliced eye (1 m inner length) if required. • special anti abrasion treatment LIROS NCS For very heavy displacement or high windage yachts choose Navy Blue request. Please provide...

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