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LIROS Kite XP_1_0

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Fotocredit: Christina Black LIROS Kitelines LIROS-Flightsporttechnique offers a wide range of kitelines for Tubeand Bridle-Kites which are all manufactured to the highest possible specification giving the very best in performance. This performance is delivered due to the unique LIROS-HEATSTRETCH-SYSTEM which reduces the stretch and creep of Dyneema to the performance of the traditional Technora lines. Our newest development ARC-Coating is revolutionary in DePowerlines and improves abrasion resistance by up to 75 %.

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Depower-Line 80157 white Depower-Line E 0148-0400 red Flying-Line DC 200 grey

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Bridle-Lines LIROS DC-Series are the very durable bridle lines for soft kites that combine performance with very low stretch. Construction: 100% Dyneema with the unique LIROS-HEAT-STRETCH-SYSTEM delivering minimal stretch and creep characteristics. – – – – – extremely low stretch excellent abrasion resistance LIROS-HEAT-STRETCH-SYSTEM easy to splice floats LIROS ARC-COATING uncoated Dyneema Available lengths: 100 m or 1000 m DePowerline from Competitors Sleave Covers 0 Flying-Lines LIROS Kitelines LIROS PC-Series is the abrasion resistant sleaving for DC-Series and limits wear on the loops....

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Leader- / Extansion-Line 02080-0400 white Bridle-Line DC 100 blue Bridle-Line DC 120 red

 Open the catalog to page 5 Bridle-Lines Ref. No. DC000-0060 DC000-0100 DC000-0120 DC000-0160 Breaking strength [kg] Breaking strength eff. [kg] Diameter Weight Elongation Line creep at after 30 daN 30 daN [mm] [g/m] 60 100 120 160 84 110 133 200 0,60 0,80 0,85 1,10 0,24 0,42 0,59 0,87 0,43 0,36 0,44 0,57 0,08 0,08 0,24 0,13 0,79 1,00 0,25 Colours: red, yellow, grey, green, blue and white DSL00-0070 70 92 0,95 Colours: red, yellow, green, blue and purple Bridle-Lines Sleave Covers Sleave Covers Ref. No. PC000-0060 PC000-0120 PC000-0160 PC000-0200 PC000-0300 to cover diameter [mm] Flying-Lines 0,60 0,80 +...

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