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Welcome to the world of Linssen Yachts Timeless Dutch Motor Yachts Since 1949... Welcome to the world of Linssen Yachts Linssen Yachts B.V. | Brouwersstraat 17, NL-6051 AA Maasbracht | +31(0)475 439 999 |

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■m ' Welcome . to the worid of Linssen Yachts

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The journey is the reward Warm rays of Spring sunshine welcome you to the marina. The sky above is cobalt blue, and there’s a light breeze at the waterfront that makes a familiar sound in the mast stays of the boats. It’s the perfect start to a perfect journey. Suddenly life feels good again. You breathe more deeply. Your heart rate slows. You feel more alive. Because something tells you this is where you belong. It feels like you’re coming home, yet the journey is only just beginning. It’s a journey that can take you to beautiful river valleys, serene canals, spectacular coastlines,...

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Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC, Moselle (D)

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Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC, Meuse, near Dinant (B)

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70 years of family, innovation and tradition… As a family business, we are guided by respect for people, the environment and by an appreciation of fine materials. And it is that passion that enables us to create an added value that goes beyond a ‘good product’. In that sense, we not only build luxury motor yachts at our premises in Maasbracht and Echt, we also make dreams come true. The unparalleled symbiosis of the specific choice of materials, the consistent design, the admirable professionalism of our staff in combination with state-of-the-art processes and machines, make these motor...

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“Always try to give your customers a bit more than you promised them. In this way you will win loyal customers." Jac. Linssen sr.

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Linssen Yachts is a brand that stands for quality. The inviting showroom, as part of the boatyard complex, is another exponent of this quality. From the spacious Upper Deck, you have an excellent view of the showroom. We invite you to come and take a look at our boatyard and showroom and the yachts we build with much love and passion. Six days a week you can view a selection of current models from the Linssen Yachts range at your leisure. Make an appointment with your regional representative. He will be delighted to accompany you to Maasbracht on your journey of discovery into the world of...

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Celebrating 70 years of yacht building

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Linssen Yachts is one of the oldest yacht builders in the Netherlands. So it's a company with a rich tradition. The business was established in 1949 by Jac. Linssen Sr. in Maasbracht, a small but dynamic harbour town on the River Meuse in Limburg, in the heart of the largest continuous boating area in the Netherlands, the Maas-plassen lakes. Linssen Yachts has now become the market leader in Europe for the construction of steel yachts and produces approximately 70 yachts between 9 and 16 metres each year entirely inhouse. The Linssen boatyard is an imposing complex of over 45,000 m2 in...

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Jos Linssen shows interest in his father’s trade at very young age One of the first boats for professionals: a “parlevinker” (shop boat) for Maasbracht’s harbours. The Limburgia series sees the light of day. Designed by Jac. Linssen Sr. With the “Limburgias” (7.30 x 2.60 m) built, production in steel boat building becomes reality. 1969... Limburg Kruiser AK marks the start of spacious, comfortable and ya

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Launch of ”4 new" vletten, designed by Jos Linssen. Supersix: sporty cruiser. Designed by Gerard van Schaik Zillessen Jos Linssen designed the St. Jozef vletten, which formed the basis for the later Classic Sturdy series. ”Sturdy"-based workboats for postal deliveries in the Biesbosch delta and Guinea-Bissau. The renowned SL series, designed by Jos Linssen, provided Linssen Yachts with its breakthrough on the international market.

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The name "St. Jozef" gave way to a name with greater international appeal: Linssen Yachts. The Linssen SE and SX series were built in large numbers and ensured an international breakthrough. The lake police in Geneva choose the Linssen 115SX Patrol after a tough selection process. (tJozefa J Maaibracht Linssen (1tJozef ^LINSSEN 1983... 1984... 1985... 1988... The international dealer network starts with Nasta Marine SA in Switzerland. The 115SX. Linssen's first semi-planing yacht, designed by Winfried H. Wilke. The legendary Linssen Classic Sturdy 400 was delivered in great numbers...

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A start is made on the construction of Europe's biggest spray booth, 1,260 m3 in size (20 x 9 x 7 metres). The new building on Brouwersstraat housing the unique showroom with the raised jetty is opened. Another milestone: the company's 50th anniversary is celebrated when the boatyard is opened to an eager public. The start of the annual Linssen Yachts Boat Show. 1990... 1994... 1995... 1998... The first ideas for what is later to become the "Variotop®" are put on paper. Full integration of CAD-CAM systems and CNC-controlled milling machine. The Grand Sturdy® 500 Variotop® is presented to...

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The new Grand Sturdy® 500 Variotop® Mark II is presented to the Dutch public at the 'Hiswa te Water' boat show. Linssen Yachts develops the FIS®, the Floor Integrated System®, to ensure the complete integration of cables and pipes. The new 2000 m2 steel construction plant is fitted out with the most innovative technical facilities. Major premieres at the 9th Linssen Yachts Boat Show in 2007: Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC and Sedan. The new SL series, the worthy successor to the famous series, continues in the 41 SL. The new Grand Sturdy® 29.9 was developed and was successfully launched...

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The third generation takes over at Linssen Yachts and continue the family tradition. Just one year after the introduction, the Classic Sturdy series already has four model lengths in AC and Sedan versions. From the Upper Deck, you have an excellent view of the new and pre-owned yachts on display in the showroom. Range Cruiser series is extended to include the 450 Variotop® and Wheelhouse models. You can inspect pre-owned Linssen yachts come rain or shine in our new Collection & Brokerage showroom. The Linssen Boating Holidays® network has 17 charter bases in 7 countries and includes as many...

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