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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 1

Timeless Dutch motor yachts. Since 1949... Linssen Yachts B.V. | Brouwersstraat 17, NL-6051 AA Maasbracht | +31(0)475 439 999 | Timeless Dutch motor yachts Since 1949...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 2

Welcome to the world of Linssen Yachts Slow down... and start living 1

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 3

Grand Sturdy 45.0 Sedan INTERO 2

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 4

Linssen Yachts Model Series Grand Sturdy series Variotop® series Variodeck series • 30.0 | 35.0 | 40.0 | 45.0 • AC and Sedan • unique combination of classic A styling, high-tech performance and well thought-out details, this is the top product on the waterways. • 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 • AC and Sedan • assion, durability and sophisP tication: the SL is the hallmark of a Linssen yacht developed for the most demanding lovers of a sporty lifestyle. • 450 | 480 | 500 • AC Variotop® • he unique Linssen-Variotop® is T a very special combination of an inside and outside helmsman's position with a fly...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 5

Grand Sturdy 450 AC Variotop® & Grand Sturdy 480 AC Variotop® 4

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 6

Contents Linssen Yachts Company history. Since 19498 The Linssen boatyard in Maasbracht10 The complete Linssen programm Grand Sturdy series14 Linssen SL series16 Variotop® series18 Variodeck series20 Grand Sturdy series Grand Sturdy 30.0 INTERO22 Silhouette and layout32 Grand Sturdy 35.0 INTERO34 Silhouette and layout44 Grand Sturdy 40.0 INTERO46 Silhouette and layout62 Grand Sturdy 45.0 INTERO64 Silhouette and layout

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 7

More than 70 years of family, innovation and tradition… As a family business, we are guided by respect for people, the environment and by an appreciation of fine materials. And it is that passion that enables us to create an added value that goes beyond a ‘good product’. In that sense, we not only build luxury motor yachts at our premises in Maasbracht and Echt, we also make dreams come true. The unparalleled symbiosis of the specific choice of materials, the consistent design, the admirable professionalism of our staff in combination with state-of-the-art processes and machines, make these...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 8

“Always try to give your customers a bit more than you promised them. In this way you will win loyal customers." Jac. Linssen sr. * 24.01.1922 - † 19.03.2020

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 9

Linssen Yachts Company history Linssen Yachts is one of the oldest yacht builders in the Netherlands. So it’s a company with a rich tradition. The business was established in 1949 by Jac. Linssen Sr. (†) in Maasbracht, a small but dynamic harbour town on the River Meuse in Limburg, in the heart of the largest continuous boating area in the Netherlands, the Maasplassen lakes. Linssen Yachts has now become the market leader in Europe for the construction of steel yachts and produces approximately 70 yachts between 9 and 16 metres each year entirely in-house. Welkom in de w ereld va n Linss en...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 10

The Linssen boatyard is an imposing complex of over 45,000 m2 in area. Spread over two locations (Maasbracht and Echt), all production is inhouse. This is a particularly impressive process, which cannot be properly explained on paper. You really have to see it to appreciate it. If you are interested in a Linssen yacht and are visiting the boatyard, one of our staff will be pleased to show you our production line. You will be amazed by the huge variety of yachts. Linssen Yachts has about 30-35 yachts in production at any one time. Our USPs What makes a Linssen a Linssen? Check out all the...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 11

The Linssen boatyard in Maasbracht 1 - Reception - Showroom - Upper Deck - Product development - esearch & Development R (prototyping) - After sales - Hull construction High-tech furniture factory - Blasting cabin Location: Echt - Coating system - Floor-/wall panels - interior modules

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 12

- Spray booths 10 - Logicam I - 30-35 ft Grand Sturdy & SL - ngine room E - Interior - Logicam II - 40-45 ft Grand Sturdy & SL - ngine room E - Interior - Logicam III - 450/480/500 Variotop/Variodeck - ngine room E - Interior - Linssen Marina - Boat lift

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 13

Relaxed enjoyment of the good life People who take their time and do not rush things get much more enjoyment out of life. Of course, it can also be great fun to skim over the water in a speedboat at full throttle. But consider this: can you have a decent conversation at a speed of 24 knots or more? Or prepare a meal? Enjoy the scenery? To say nothing of the fuel bill. The Linssen Grand Sturdy represents a completely different way of life. A life that is not dominated by hectic travel and fleeting experiences, but one in which you consciously enjoy every moment. Linssen yachts have been...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 14

Slow down... and start living 13

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 15

The Linssen Grand Sturdy series 30.0 | 35.0 | 40.0 | 45.0 No other motor cruiser in the world can match the Linssen Grand Sturdy®. The unique combination of classic styling, high-tech performance and all-round design excellence has made her the reigning queen of the waterways. There are four different Grand Sturdy models to choose from, plus a multitude of options: • the Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC / Sedan • the Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC / Sedan • the Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC / Sedan • the Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC / Sedan Wichever one you eventually decide for, you have the assurance that by choosing a Linssen...

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 16

Standard colour GRAND STURDY 40.0 AC INTERO GRAND STURDY 45.0 AC INTERO Sand Beige Colour options Midnight Blue GRAND STURDY 40.0 SEDAN INTERO GRAND STURDY 45.0 SEDAN INTERO Dark Grey Olive Green Linssen Grand Sturdy series from page 22 All the illustrations and layouts are artist's impressions and not to scale. Colour examples are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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Linssen Grand Sturdy series - 17

SL is an acronym for Sport Luxury. For the SL, the Linssen Yachts prototyping & engineering team worked in close co-operation with KesselsGranger DesignWorks to create a series of yachts that combine the unmistakably luxurious Linssen identity with enhancements that adhere to the greatest sporting traditions. As fitting with the sporting philosophy, the main character lines of the yacht have been accentuated. The exterior design is hallmarked by details that are unique to the SL series. The Linssen SL Series also consists of 4 lengths in AC and Sedan versions: • the Linssen 30 SL AC / Sedan...

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