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fako® Polishing milk 9322 Carbon Basalt Glas UFIW 4CTT-D037-500N-78XN TDS 4120 Acrylic glass is proven to be a good medium with a number of good qualities. Namely: resistance to breaking and ageing and good transparency, it also has aesthetic properties, such as brilliance and a clear surface. Naturally such a good medium requires a professional standard of care to ensure its properties stay 100%. By choosing the best products to care for the glass it will ensure the glass will be kept in the best possible condition for a very long time, ensuring a long life for the acrylic glass. Compared to silicate glass, two properties in particular have to be taken into account for the maintenance and cleaning of Plexiglas and plastics: its susceptibility to scratching because of the minor surface hardness and its sensitivity to solvents especially organic ones. With fako® cleaning and polishing milk 9322 a maintenance agent is at your disposal that especially meets the demands of Plexiglass and other acrylic glasses, plastics as well as gel coat finish and fiberglass. Hazard statement and safety advice ✓ Refer to Product label and Material Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety information before using this product. Handling and storage ✓ Use only with good ventilation. Ensure good ventilation even at ground level (floor area), vapours are heavier than air. ✓ Store cool and keep away from light and heat. ✓ Always close the bottle after using it. Be sure to keep the bottle cap clean. Exclusion of liability ✓ This product information is based on the latest state of our knowledge and does not exempt the user from carrying out his own tests or taking his own precautions. We do not accept any liability for results from suggested applications, as conditions may change depending on the type of application. ✓ To the extent an exclusion of liability is permitted by law, the CBG Composites GmbH will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the legal basis asserted, including warranty, contact, negligence or strict liability. CBG Composites GmbH Egerpohl 2 D-51688 Wipperfurth / Germany, The technical specifications of our products reflect the state of our knowledge at the time of printing. Therefore, the latest edition of the data sheet should always be used, as our experience and knowledge is constantly evolving. In case of doubt please contact us. The application shown is only exemplary and may vary in individual cases. It is therefore not liable. Our general terms and conditions apply, the latest version of which can be downloaded on

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