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Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra fako® Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra is a solvent-free plastic dispersion adhesive, which is characterized by high elasticity and initial adhesion, a thixotropic one-component adhesive with short drying time. Properties Application area Purpose Surface flammability acc. IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5 Density Solids content pH value Temperature resistance Surface treatment Risk assessment Packaging / delivery form Data in shipbuilding for "A", "B" and "F" class divisions bonding of glass fabric to mineral wool in pipe and surface areas, bonding to sheet metal, as well as for production of glass fiber fabric cover on rubber products (e.g. Armaflex). It can be used on all loadbearing surfaces, such as plaster, plasterboard and concrete Fulfilled, low flammable without flue gas formation 1,17 g/cm3 29,68 % 7,4 from + 6°C up to + 80° C The substrate must be clean, free of grease and dust. fako® Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra can be applied to vertical surfaces with a brush, roller or notched trowel. During application the temperature should be at least + 10°C. Consumption: 200g to 250 g per m², depending on the substrate according to the requirements of Directive 2014/90/EU, Annex II, Part I.3 all reasonably foreseeable risks are covered by the applicable standards. The adhesive does not contain SVHC and REACH restricted substances It does not contain any declarable components. In case of prolonged exposure skin and mucous membrane irritations are possible. 10 kg container / 36 ctr pro pallet Hazard statement and safety advice ✓ The usual precautionary rules for handling chemicals must be observed. These include, in addition to adherence to the relevant guidelines of the professional associations, good ventilation of the workplace when working with larger quantities, good skin care and the wearing of eye protection. ✓ Hazard warnings and safety advice must be followed according to the safety data sheet. Exclusion of liability ✓ ✓ ✓ We cannot guarantee the quality and suitability of the end products manufactured with our materials, as we have no influence on compliance with the processing instructions For special applications we recommend in any case own production tests to be carried out. CBG Composites will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the legal basis asserted, including warranty, contact, negligence or strict liability. Verarbeitung und Lagerung ✓ Stored in a cool, but frost-free place fako® glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra has a shelf-life of 12 months in tightly sealed plastic containers Subject to modifications CBG Composites GmbH Egerpohl 2 D-51688 Wipperfürth / Germany, The technical specifications of our products reflect the state of our knowledge at the time of printing. Therefore, the latest edition of the data sheet should always be used, as our experience and knowledge is constantly evolving. In case of doubt please contact us. The application shown is only exemplary and may vary in individual cases. It is therefore not liable. Our general terms and conditions apply, the latest version of which can be downl

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