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Carbon Basalt Glas Fire-resistant composite sandwich panel based on basalt and ceramic. CBG SeaPan WP 25/15 offers completely new solutions to the manufacture of cabin walls in shipbuilding. The use of lightweight composite materials (e.g. with only approx. 7,99 kg/m2 for a wall panel of fire class A-30, makes it possible to significantly reduce the total weight of a construction). ✓ 100% natural origin, chemically neutral ✓ incombustible, non-flammable ✓ no smouldering ✓ no smoke emission in case of fire ✓ antibacterial ✓ corrosion-resistant ✓ pressure-resistant ✓ vibration damping ✓ recyclable ✓ water repellent ✓ good air permeability ✓ thermoresistant Delivery * - Various sizes and surfaces are possible on request ✓ Delivery on pallets wrapped with stretch film ✓ incl. connecting strip Processing and storage ✓ The panel is ready for installation and requires no further processing ✓ Excellent mechanical properties of the panel allow to use screw and dowel-screw fasteners, both on flat and angle connections ✓ Workable with ordinary cutting/grinding tool ✓ The usual protective measures must be taken during processing. Gloves, respiratory protection and safety glasses are recommended. Please note the instructions for use "Handling mineral wool and insulation materials (glass wool, rock wool)" from BG Bau. ✓ Horizontal storage, e.g. on pallets, on a level surface, secure against slipping CBG Composites GmbH Egerpohl 2 D-51688 Wipperfuerth / Germany Tel: 02267-67-0, Fax: 02267-67-222 RAL Subject to modifications The technical information on our products reflects the state of our knowledge at the time of printing. Therefore, the latest edition of the data sheet should always be used, as our experience and knowledge is constantly evolving. In case of doubt please contact us. The application shown is only exemplary and may vary in individual cases. It is therefore not relevant for liability. Our general terms and conditions apply, which can also be found on our homepage

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Product structure Description Layout drawing Outer layers: Basalt glass ceramic plates in combination with inorganic non-flammable adhesive mass "LR Cerammatrix 01-50” Calibrated mineral wool core "Tongue and groove" - for panels with a ceramic glassbasalt laminate surface (connecting strip: basalt ceramic composite) Fire protection tests Temperature on the side facing away from the fire Temperature on the side facing the fire Temperature threshold on the side facing away from the according to the international standard IMO 2010 FTP Code The essence of CBG-SeaPan is that the sandwich panel...

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