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Carbon Basalt Glas Cerammatrix Carbo Fire-resistant glue TDS-No. 9200 Low-viscosity bicomponent glue with endothermic effect, water based for fire industry. Consists of natural components, mainly rock formations and basalt microfiber. When the fire effect, the thermal energy is absorbed. Works on the principle of «chemical refrigerator®. ✓ antibacterial ✓ thermoresistant ✓ inorganic ✓ non-combustible ✓ high adhesive properties Certificate number "Module B" confirmed TUV NORD: M18029, valid until 07.07.2022 [EG Certificate (module B) marine equipment in accordance with the directive 2014 / 90 / EC i. V.m. Directive 20174/306 (EC) - Number „MED / 3.13 flame-retardant material"] Application ✓ For industrial use ✓ For fire-resistant panels in building industry and engineering ✓ Suitable for indoor use ✓ Suitable for components made of mineral fiber (basalt, carbon, glass), mineral wool and metals The technical data on our products reflect the state of our knowledge at the time of printing. Therefore, always use the latest edition of the Data Sheet, as our experience and knowledge are constantly evolving. In case of doubt, please contact us. The application shown is only exemplary and may differ in individual cases. Therefore, it is not liability-relevant. Our Terms and conditions apply, which can also be found on our homepage.

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