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CBG Basalt Roving TDS-No. 1200 Basalt roving is a modern high-technology material which provides high strength, good mechanical properties, large thermal range of application, high chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance. 100% natural antibacterial corrosion resistant thermoresistant Properties Material Application areas Nominal linear density, tex Monofilament diameter, µm Linear breaking load, mN/tex Elongation at break, % Tensile strength, MPa Density, kg/m³ Moisture content, %, max Loss weight at ignition, % Heat capacity, W/mK Application temperature, ºC ✓ noncombustible ✓ no smouldering ✓ recyclable Data Basalt rock Reinforced grid for road construction, reinforced bars and fixes, technical fabrics, composite pipes from CBF, composite tanks, composite cable, etc. 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 10 13 17 650 600 550 2,0 – 4,5 >3100 2600 – 2800 <1,0 0,4 0,031 – 0,038 -250 up to +650 Delivery ✓ Transportation should be carried out by using covered vehicles to prevent absorption of moisture Processing and storage ✓ The usual protective measures must be taken during processing. Gloves, respiratory protection and safety glasses are recommended. Please note the instructions for use "Handling mineral wool and insulation materials (glass wool, rock wool)" from BG Bau. ✓ Storage in a dry place in original packaging, air humidity content should not exceed 80% CBG Composites GmbH Egerpohl 2 D-51688 Wipperfürth / Germany The technical information on our products reflects the state of our knowledge at the time of printing. Therefore, the latest edition of the data sheet should always be used, as our experience and knowledge are constantly evolving. In case of doubt please contact us. The application shown is only exemplary and may vary in individual cases. It is therefore not relevant for liability. Our general terms and conditions apply, which can als

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