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Lewmar Catalogue 2020


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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 1

A Lippert Components Company Marine Equipment Guide

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 2

When Len Lewery started making Tufnol dinghy fittings back in 1946, not even his inventive mind could have foreseen that his small business would develop to become one of the leading marine equipment manufacturers in the world. John Burton acquired Lewmar and embarked on a 20-year career; turning the company into a world leader in modern yacht equipment. Lewmar attacked the high-technology world of America's Cup racing, supplying the first AC winch package to Korura V in c.1966/68. Through a series of acquisitions and mergers in the latter decades of the twentieth century the Lewmar Range...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 3

4. Hatches & Portlights Pages 131- 187

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 4

Since acquiring Simpson Lawrence many years ago, Lewmar has built a wealth of design and engineering knowledge and experience in anchoring systems. With ever-smaller fitting anchor winches, Lewmar has a wide product offering for boats between 18ft – 250ft. Using hard wearing, corrosion resistant materials on deck, coupled with powerful, under-deck motor solutions, our latest windlass designs focus on ease of use and reliability.

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 5

The Lewmar Windlass Range Page 9 VX Series • New generation of vertical windlasses • Utilises patented hybrid polymer gypsy Page 20 CPX Series • Alloy construction provides strength in lightweight format • Available in horizontal or in-line motor-gearbox configurations • Design based on proven V Series Page 24 V Series • Flagship vertical windlass range • For boats up to 240ft • Stainless Steel construction Page 40 HX1 Windlass • New generation horizontal windlass • Powerful gearbox provides superior performance • Featuring patented hybrid polymer gypsy Page 42 Pro-Series Windlass •...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 6

Whether you own a small fishing boat or a 1 60ft cruiser, Lewmar has a windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Integral to the designs are high-quality stainless steel components, providing longevity and reliability. Both our vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to complement your boat. BOAT LENGTH OVERALL Vertical Windlass

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 7

How to choose the right windlass for your boat There are three main considerations when selecting the correct windlass for your boat: 1 What size windlass would best suit my boat? Use our windlass selection chart, found on page 6/7, to determine the general size of the windlass to be fitted to your boat by using length and displacement. 2 ow long is the anchor rode I wish to use, and will the H windlass put the entire rode into my locker? Examine the depth of the anchor locker to determine the fall that is available. A windlass is not a high-load bearing device. When at anchor your rode...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 8

1. Windlasses Windlass & Anchoring Know-How Please see your owner’s manual for complete installation diagrams. Vertical Windlass Vertical Windlass Chain Stopper Anchor Rode Battery Circuit Breaker Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Chain counter Horizontal Windlass Remote Control Up & Down Switches Anchor Rode Horizontal Windlass Bow Roller Rope/Chain Splice Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Battery Circuit Breaker C.Q.R. Anchor Anchor Shackle Locker Hatch Chain Stopper Bow Roller Delta Anchor Specify your Windlass 2 Motor Gearbox Gypsy only Electric/hydraulic specification Chain specification...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 9

Hybrid Polymer Gypsy Lewmar has developed a patented Hybrid Gypsy, which uses a metal anchor warp core together with a polymer chain wheel. This combination offers a lightweight and quiet solution that ensures a smooth operation, while still offering the long-life durability of a traditional metal gypsy and pulling power The Lewmar patented Hybrid Gypsy offers a 15% reduction in weight, is 5% stronger and offers an endurance life comparable to all metal gypsies. The Hybrid Gypsy's greatest attribute is the quietness when operating. The composite surface means there is no grating sound from...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 10

VXI Vertical Windlass The VXI is the first in the new generation of windlasses from Lewmar Using cutting-edge moulding techniques, Lewmar is able to offer new technologies to refine windlass design and improve noise levels. Taking the tough and elegant lines of the V series, Lewmar have strived to remove excess weight - replacing heavy materials with modern composites - while retaining strength. A new motor-gearbox package has created our most efficient and powerful windlass, optimised for top anchoring performance. This makes our VX range lighter stronger and more efficient than any...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 11

www.lewmar.comVXI Features Deck unit The Lewmar VX windlass range offers a new entry-level windlass product, giving the end user a stylish yet functional product at a competitive price point. Consisting of a cast aluminium core with composite outer and finished in a stainless steel pressing, giving the VXI its stylish design. ■ Manual clutch release ■ Stylish stainless steel and composite construction ■ Same footprint as Lewmar VI model IP67 Rated Motor Gearbox This will be the first ingress protection (IP) cover that Lewmar has offered on a windlass of this size. The cover is standard on...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 12

VXIL Vertical Windlass VXIL offers the same design features as the rest of the VX range, but with a compact in-line motor solution. The VXIL model is fitted with a refined motor and epicyclical gearbox combined with a small, compact and efficient motor The VXIL is a great addition to our vertical windlass range, without compromising performance and freeing up space below deck. The VX1L offers a maximum pull of 920kg, providing strong performance and robust design for boats up to 36ft. ■ Manual clutch release ■ Drum option ■ Stylish stainless steel and composite construction ■ 500W & 800W...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2020 - 13

Dimensions Diagram Add 54mm for Gypsy Drum version VXIL Standard Windlass Kits VXIL Extended Windlass Kits PART NUMBER VXIL Standard windlass kit includes deck unit and inline motor gearbox, solenoid and gypsy Extended windlass kit includes deck unit and inline motor gearbox, solenoid, rocker switch, circuit breaker and gypsy Switch kit and accessories see page 52-60

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