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Lewmar Catalogue 2014


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Marine Equipment Guide Edition 14

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 2

Introduction & Contents Since 1946, Lewmar has dedicated itself to making spending time on the water as easy and stress-free as possible; designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable products of the highest quality. With a portfolio of hardware, winches, hydraulics, windlasses, anchors, thrusters, steering systems, hatches and portlights to suit every boat from the smallest day fisher to largest mega-yacht, Lewmar can supply a complete solution whatever your project and requirements. Quality remains at the heart of everything we do. The manufacture of our products takes place within...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 3

4. Hatches & Portlights Pages 61 - 84 9. Navtec Retail Pages 209 - 216 Solaris 72DH

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 4

Lewmar’s TotalCote is the new go-to product for almost any marine maintenance requirement. TotalCote protects, displaces, cleans, seals, penetrates and lubricates. Use it on everything from seized bolts to your block and traveller car ball bearings to your luff groove. TotalCote will reduce friction and offer a long-term barrier against rust and corrosion. Formulated solely from naturally occurring products, TotalCote is incredibly effective yet safe to the environment and sensitive marine eco-systems. Part Number : 19701700 (box of 12) Single cans available at your local retailer.

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 5

At Lewmar, we think about what makes boaters’ lives easier, and bring those ideas to life in our products. We aim to relieve the aching muscles that often come with anchoring and give you more confidence when docking. That’s why each windlass we bring to the market is made of the finest quality materials and engineered for excellence.

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 6

Lewmar Anchor Windlass Range Page 10 Captive Reel Windlass ■■ Rode stowage without the need for a locker ■■ High quality materials and construction ■■ elf locking – no need for cleat or S chain stopper ■■ Level-wind technology prevents spooled line bunching ■■ ully remote operation – can be deployed and F retrieved from the helm ■■ All stainless steel 316 chassis Page 11 CPX Vertical Windlass ■■ 5% lighter than comparable 1 all-stainless windlass ■■ Minimum parts enhances reliability ■■ Available in Size 0 and Size 1-4 ■■ leek styling complements Lewmar S V-Series Range Page 15 V-Series...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 7

Easy anchoring starts with a Lewmar windlass Whether you own a small fishing boat, a 160ft cruiser or a mid-size sailboat, Lewmar has a windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Each one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. Both our vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to complement your boat. Windlass selection guide BOAT LENGTH OVERALL Many parameters have to be taken into account when selecting a windlass, such as displacement, windage, anchor weight etc. In the above chart the boat length corresponds to a vessel with average...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 8

1. Windlasses How to choose the right windlass for your boat In order to select the correct windlass for your boat, three questions should be answered: Horizontal Windlass 1 What size windlass would best suit my boat? Use our windlass selection chart found on page X to determine the general size of the windlass to be fitted to your boat by using length and displacement. Available Fall 2 ow long is the anchor rode I wish to use, and will the H windlass put the entire rode into my locker? Examine the depth of the anchor locker to determine the fall that is available. The fall is the vertical...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 9

Windlass & Anchoring Know-How Please see your owner's manual for complete installation diagrams. Vertical Windlass Battery Vertical Windlass Cleat Anchor Rode Chain Stopper Circuit Breaker Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Chain counter Remote Control Up & Down Switches Horizontal Windlass Rope/Chain Splice Horizontal Windlass Anchor Rode Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Circuit Breaker Anchor Shackle Delta Anchor Locker Hatch Chain Stopper Bow Roller Specify your Windlass J Deck Unit Motor Gearbox ■ Electric/hydraulic specification ^ Gypsy ■ Chain specification Switch kit and...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 10

Captive Reel Windlass CRW400 Lewmar's new CRW400 windlass represents a step-change in engineering and design for small boat windlasses. Built around a stainless steel chassis with composite bearing technology and a robust UV-stabilised ABS shell, the CRW400 is salt-water resistant and suitable for boats up to 30ft. Rode stowage without the need for a locker Self locking - no need for cleat or chain stopper Fully remote operation- can be deployed and retrieved from the helm High quality materials and construction Level-wind technology prevent spooled line bunching All stainless steel 316...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 11

CPX0 Vertical Windlass Lewmar's CPX0 anchor windlass is aimed at the ever increasing number of smaller craft fitting powered units. The CPX0 fills the gap at the smaller end of the CPX range for boats between 24ft and 36ft. The CPX0 feature the tried and tested worm-wheel gearbox architecture and use quality materials throughout - hard anodised aluminium for the base and cast stainless steel for the gypsy top cap and chain pipe cover. ■ Lightweight design ■ Dual chain gypsy ■ 500W or 700W motors ■ Highly reliable gearbox design 6/7mm, 1/4" dual chain and 8mm, 5/10" gypsy options...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 12

CPX Vertical Windlass Lewmar's CPX vertical lightweight windlass range compliments the current V Range. CPX windlasses feature the tried and tested worm-wheel gearbox architecture and use quality materials throughout - hard anodised aluminium for the base and cast stainless steel for the gypsy top cap and chain pipe cover. ■ 15% lighter than comparable ■ all-stainless windlass Highly reliable, light weight, high performance windlass ■ New architecture with reduced parts ■ Easier to service ■ IP68 motor gearbox available on request CPX1/2/3 Complete Kit CPX Gypsy Only PART NUMBER Gypsy...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2014 - 13

CPX1/2/3/4 Specify your Windlass |l| Deck Unit |6| Switches & Accessories Refer to p34-38 for more information Chain counters Wireless remote control

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