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Lewmar Catalogue 2010


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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 1

Anchor | Hatch & Portlight | NAVTEC® Rigging | Sail Control | Steering | Thruster | Winch | Windlass Marine Equipment Guide

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 2

Welcome to Edition 11 of the Lewmar Catalogue. For over 60 years, Lewmar has focused on delivering high-quality, performance yacht control solutions, and the vigour and drive to design and manufacture a premium product is no less abated today than in 1946 when the Company started. Throughout the business, there is a renewed spirit of innovation, an entrepreneurial drive and greater focus on what our customers and market demand. I am delighted that all this energy and vigour is translating itself directly into new product development. From winches and windlasses through to hardware and...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 3

At Lewmar, we think about what makes boaters' lives easier, and bring those ideas to life in our products. We aim to relieve the aching muscles that often come with anchoring and give you more confidence when docking. That's why each anchor and windlass we bring to the market is made of the finest quality materials and Anchoring & Docking Vertical Windlasses Horizontal Windlasses

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 4

Anchoring & Docking Easy Anchoring Starts with a Lewmar Windlass Whether you own a small fishing boat, a 100-foot cruiser or a mid-size Both our vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to sailboat, Lewmar has a windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Each complement your boat. one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. Windlass Selection Guide Boat Length Overall

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 5

How to choose the right windlass for your boat In order to select the correct windlass for your boat, three questions should be answered: 1. What size windlass would best suit my boat? Use our windlass selection chart found on page 2 to determine the general size of windlass to be fitted to your boat by using length and displacement. For example, if you have a 10m (33 ft) boat, typically a 270kg (600 lb) pull windlass would be selected. The rule to crosscheck your windlass selection is to add the total weight of the chain and the weight of the anchor together. Rope is very light and does...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 6

Anchoring & Docking Windlass & Anchoring Know-How Vertical Windlass Circuit Breaker Battery Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Vertical Windlass Cleat Horizontal Windlass Rope/Chain Splice Up & Down Switches (optional) Bow Roller Remote Control (optional) Horizontal Windlass Up & Down Switches Anchor Rode Rocker Switch Up/Down Contactor Anchor Rode Cleat Chain Stopper C.Q.R. Anchor Battery Anchor Shackle Circuit Breaker Bow Roller Chain Stopper Locker Hatch Please see your owner’s manual for complete installation diagrams. Delta Anchor Windlass & Anchor Operation Safety Tips ALWAYS NEVER •...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 7

pHni Lewmar has developed a new range of vertical windlass to compliment the current V-range. tiill Windlass Is one of the largest divisions of Lewmar and we are In constant contact with boat designers, boat builders and owner's associations to ensure that our products remain at the forefront of development. In response, Lewmar has developed the new CPX range. Customer focused design Following discussions with key customers, Lewmar Identified the need for a high-quality product that Is lighter than the all stainless steel deck unit. Subsequently, the CPX deck unit features an alloy base....

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 8

Anchoring & Docking V-Series Vertical Windlass Lewmar's highly successful market changing Stainless Steel Vertical Range now caters for boats from 6m (20ft) to 50m (160ft). Built from 316 Stainless Steel and mirror polished they are robust and beautiful. The range has a number of Innovative features Including Fall Safe, optional Fast Fit fltlng and water resistant IP68 motor gearbox. • Lewmar "Fall Safe" • Water resistant IP 68 available • Lloyds type approved V6-V12 • Rope chain gypsies for V1 to V5 • Complete range of anchoring deck hardware • Lewmar optional "fast fit" for models V1, V2...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 9

With 100% 316 stainless steel housing and a sleek flush-mount design that hides the motor down below, the V700 is one of the most attractive and durable windlasses on the market. It works at the push of a button and has two built-in features that make it unique - motor protection and anchor • 100% 316 stainless steel deck unit • IP67 Rated (Water resistant to 1 meter) • Fall Safe anchor lock • Fast line speed • Manual recovery option • Impact-resistant motor cover • With reed switch and magnet fitted as standard for chain counter V700 models come DIY ready Dual chain gypsy Dual Chain Gypsy...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 10

Anchoring & Docking V1/V2/V3 and V-Sport Vertical Windlasses The new V-Sport range offers all the performance of the V-range at a cost saving. The new composite housing contains strong load bearing elements, so that It can be used as an alternative to the Stainless Steel unit. • Rope-chain gypsy • Manual chain release (Free Fall) • Cone clutch for smooth, easy control • Optional manual override motor gearbox • W.A.R.P Drum • Fall safe anchor lock • Robust/reliable worm gearbox • FastFIt option for quicker Installation and less hassle • Emergency recovery kit available • Water resistant IP68...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 11

V1/V2/V3 and V-Sport Vertical Windlasses (cont) Specify your Windlass Deck Unit Gypsy Only V1/V2/V3 & V-Sport Vertical Windlass The following part numbers are for standard motor/gearbox fittings. For the fastflt option refer to Deck Unit Part Number Motor gearbox (Including contactor) Part Number Description V-Serles and V-Sport series use same motor gearbox IP68 motor gearbox available • Water resistant unit won't be damaged even if submerged underwater • Robust composite case • Compression cable clamps included • Provide best motor protection against Part Number Description...

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Lewmar Catalogue 2010 - 12

Anchoring & Docking • Rope-chain gypsy • Cone clutch for smooth, easy control • Manual Free Fall • W.A.R.P Drum • Robust and reliable drive train • Reed switch and magnet fitted as standard • Manual override (optional) • The largest rope chain windlass In the range Gypsy Only Motor Power Normal App. Weight App. Weight Working Load Max. Line Speed Current Circuit Gypsy only Gypsy/Drum kg lb m/mln. ft/ min. Draw Breaker kg lb kg lb Normal Pressure m/mln ft/mln Hydraulic motor/gearboxes are suitable for use with both V4/V5 and C4/C5.

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