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SMART POWER PEDESTAL The connection to the energy of the future The concept ofmobility, however, is taking a new direction sustainability, preservation, innovation. A radical and transition is not feasible: the transition to electric be fair and harmoniousfor everyone.

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MODULAR POWER PEDESTAL MODULAR POWER PEDESTAL UPGRADE A/C UPGRADE MONITOR - Thanks to the modular system of power pedestal for ports and marinas and the only the electric box, you can quickly change the layout of one able to ensure a gradual transition to electric. It the electrical sockets, without having to change the has an eco-sustainable structure, solid and modular, entire power pedestal. adaptable to the needs of the marina and boaters. The This allows boaters to switch from endothermic to components, being removable, can be easily replaced electric engine without having to lose...

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INTERACTIVE MONITOR – The monitor is a IP SMART POWER PEDESTAL 65 PC Panel dust and waterproof, created specifically for outdoor use and equipped with high brightness, anti-vandalism system and builtin wifi. It is managed by the seawolf software, which allows you to display advertisements and Leonardo addition at the same time to offer an information service electricity and water, has additional innovative services: an air conditioning ECO-FRIENDLY – Leonardo is made of 316 L system that can be connected to the stainless steel with supermirror treatment, which boat and an interactive PC...

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ELECTRIC BOATS SMART POWER PEDESTAL The connection to the energy of the future THE TRANSFORMATION - In 2020 the European affects THE SOLUTION - Leonardo wants to be a link climate change, marine biodiversity, air quality and between the past and the future of ports, public health due to carbon dioxide (CO2) and other overwhelmed by enormous changes that are difficult to emissions such as methane, nitrogen oxides, sulphur manage in an economically sustainable way. oxides, particulate matter and carbon black”. It is therefore a race to adopt measures at European and Replacing all the...

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Leonardo is a bridge between the environmental needs of marinas and boaters, harmonious and fair transition for all, facilitating the transition to electricity. A FAIR TRANSITION FOR ALL BEFORE AFTER they must invest in charging stations - they will no longer have to replace the for boats with electric engines, although there power pedestal in their entirety: it will be enough are still few yachts that can actually refuel. to replace the modular electric box keeping the power pedestal. - if they buy an electric boat, they will have to leave the mooring in search of another In this way, they...

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SMART POWER PEDESTAL The connection to the energy of the future P.za Quattro Novembre, 4 20124 - Milano info@leonardopedestal.it

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