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Born from adventure. When LEKKER’s founder Meindert Wolfraad travelled the world, he discovered that the Amsterdam way of living appealed to people everywhere. Moving around on your own terms, taking control - wheter it’s on the road, the canals or open sea. The freedom to move your own way. After years of carefully building boats, we’ve become experts in capturing the essence of sociable and comfortable boating experiences with the added power of a speedboat. By only using high quality aluminium, our boats are extremely flexible in design and we can meet even the most unique desires....

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With the legendary Damsko 750 you’re sure to make heads turn. This iconic eye catcher has the spirit of a fighter and even a cabin for two. So there’s no need to go home after the sun sets. Experience ultimate freedom. The console offers enough space for everything you need when going out on the water. Stock the fridge with 110 litres of your favourite drinks and precool them before with your phone. Which of course is fully charged because of the embeded USB ports. The Damsko 750 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This comfortable and classic Amsterdam sloep will let you fly over the water with...

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 6

Damsko 750 Cabin + anchor hatch Hull: RAL 5509 - Azur Blue Cushions: Harlow 6019 - Peru Maca

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 7

Draft down Fuel capacity Fresh water Cruise speed Diesel Mercury Diesel 3.0 lt Bravo lll X w/DTS (270hp) Volvo 270hp Diesel D4 DPI Volvo 320hp Diesel D4 DPI *depends on type of engine

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 8

Break routine with the Damsko 1000. Host a party with many friends or enjoy quality time with your family. Or just do both at the same time, it’s up to you. Social. Speed. Convenience. Our LEKKER Boats are handcrafted in the Netherlands by a dedicated team of skilled builders. They carefully weld, paint and pay attention to every detail of all of our LEKKER Boats. By combining lightweight aluminium with the newest inboard engines and sophisticated underwater hull (designed by Oosasanen) we’ve been able to increase speed and minimise fuel consumption at the same time. While the Damsko 1000...

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 10

Damsko 1000 - Cabin - T-top Hull: RAL7039 - Quarz Grey Cushions: SJA 5422 137 - Sunbrella Antique Beige

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 11

Draft down Fuel capacity Fresh water Cruise speed Petrol *depends on type of engine

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 12

Navigate adventure Discover the perfect balance of tranquillity and strength with the new Damsko 750 Adapt. Adjust seamlessly to your surroundings with the innovative hybrid engine and enjoy an experience on the water like never before. Spacious, extremely fast, custom build and low in maintenance. The Damsko 750 Adapt includes all the things you’re used to from the iconic and original Damsko 750.

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 13

Specifics Adapt Length Mercruiser 3.0 TDI 270 hp + Huracan Thor 20kW Range electric* * factory specifications

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 18

Design your own Design your LEKKER Damsko anyway you like with durable aluminium bodies. With minimal maintenance and reliable trips, you can focus on the important stuff.

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 20

Cabin + toilet / Damsko 1000 Teak floor

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 21

Tailor-made for you. We just can’t say no to good ideas. Time to really make it your own. + GPS + Option cabin for two + toilet + Wirelesss phone charger + Built in bottle-openers + USB ports for phone chargers + 110 liters fridge + Pre-cool drinks with your smartphone app

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Brochure Damsko - 2024 - 24

Experience LEKKER yourself SHIPYARD Westerdijk 20 A 2451 VB, Leimuiden The Netherlands SALES Roel ten Hoopen +31 641280833 Joris van Es +31 681092411 #lekkerboats @lekkerboats

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