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0507LAP08 Laser Brochure Laser_Brochure_7.29_2.indd Chris/Ethan laser 4.7 Laser_Brochure_7.29_2.indd 1 laser radial 4/c eureka family, Fedra family A5 laser 12/16/2009 12:44:51 PM

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The Laser is a true sailing phenomenor With nearly 200,000 boats in 140 countries, it is clearly the world's most popular adult and youth racing sailboat. Each year the Laser Class runs more races worldwide than any other class. And it's still going strong! For almost four decades, the Laser has been a sailing success story. One reason is the boat's sheer simplicity. From its very beginning, the Laser has offered an uncomplicated way for sailors to experience the joy of sailing and the thrill of competition. Many other qualities combine to make the Laser a legendary performer. _fÏ0 rtl eSS...

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WHEN IT COMES TO EXHILARATING SPEED, hullweight lb/kg The world's premier racing dinghy. The Laserwas designed in 1969 and quickly world with its speed and simplicity Today this timeless design is by far the most popular adult and youth racing boat worldwide. It is raced by many of the world's top sailors and has been an Olympic class sincei996. The Laser's full-size rig rewards athleticism and is best for heavier, more experienced sailors, but it can easily be converted to a Radial or 4.7 by changing just the sail and bottom spar • World's most popular adult racer • Raced by the world's...

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specs length ft/m 13.78 4.20 beam ft/m 4.56 1.39 2.62 0.80 62.00 5.76 draft ft/m sail area ft ²/m ² hull weight lb/kg 130.00 58.97 capacity 1–2 people skill level beginner–expert race level club–olympic optimal weight lb/kg 121/159 55/72 • New Olympic class for 2008 • Modern radial-cut sail • Good size for youth and small adults • Teaches sensitivity and feel • Easy to transport on most cars • Quick to rig and launch • ISAF international class • Strong local class associations • Strict one-design rules • Extensive regatta schedule: local-worldwide The most popular mid-size singlehander. The...

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hull weight lb/kg optimal weight lb/kg WHEN IT COMES TO BIG-FLEET COMPETITION, » Next step after the Optimist » Ideal trainer for Radial and Laser » Easy to transport on most cars » ISAF international class » 250 boats at recent world championship » Excellent tactical trainer » Teaches sensitivity and feel » Strong local class associations ■ Extensive regatta schedule: local-worldwide Strictone-design rules The Laser for younger and lighter Sailors. The Laser 4.7 offers up-and-coming sailors a unique chance to develop their skills in the same hull that's used forthe Olympics With 19% less...

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When you race a Laser, one hull goes a long way. By changing just the lower spar and sail, you can convert any boatfrom Laser The advantage of this interchangeable formula is that you can easily switch boats as you become older, heavier or more experienced. Each rig helps you prepare forthe next, so you get a step-by-step progression that can take you all the way from beginning racer to World Champion! f Customize your Laser Once you pick a Laser, Radial or 4.7, there are several ways to make the boat fit your particular sailing requirements. Each model comes in three configurations...

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L as erPer for mance north america Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871 LaserPerformance europe Station Works, LongBuckby United Kingdom LaserPerformance asia China Merchants Tower No. 168-200 Connaught Road Central Hong Kong LaserPerformance middle east Dubai Investment Park All rights reserved. ©2008 LaserPerformance. LaserPerformance and associated logos are trademarks. Laser, SB3, Sunfish, and Dart are trademarks used under license. LaserPerformance reserves the right to make design and/or specification changes to any of their products as part of their continuous

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