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Lalizas Catalogue - 1

Clothing & Accessories Inshore Full Weather Gear Casual Sailing Design Gear Offshore Full Weather Gear Neoprene Wetsuits & Rash Guards Fishing Clothes Gloves Boots Shoes Hats, Caps & Berets Polos & T-Shirts Shorts Dry Bags & Bags Sunglasses Watches Lifejackets Dry Bag Page 28 *Lifejackets not included

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Lalizas Catalogue - 2

Quality Sailing Gear All sailing clothes are designed in such a way so as to meet the demands of the sport they are to be used for. There is a wide variety in design and manufacture of sailing clothes, combining certain qualities and characteristics, such as waterproofness, breathability, comfort and durability depending on the conditions and use they are intended for. In order to meet every one’s needs, Lalizas offers a wide range of professional sailing clothes, from traditional sailing outfits to high performance offshore clothing and leisure jackets that can be worn just as easily at...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 3

Recreational Inshore If you need a garment for day trips, hobby cruising or buoy racing in fair weather. Occasionally though you may be exposed to unexpected bad conditions, but it is likely for you to be back at dock before real discomfort sets in. Fishing / Rainwear If you need a garment with exposure to abrasion and chemicals, like fish blood or grease. Features - Jaquard, with fleece (inside) - Light in weight - Breathable - Neoprene Cuffs - Taped Seams - Hood - Hand Warmer Pockets Lalizas Model - Fishermen’s Jacket & Trousers Lalizas Model - Skipper ‘MC Maximum Comfort’ Offshore If you...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 4

Inshore Full Weather Gear Inshore Sailing Jacket ‘Extreme Sail XS’ 3 in 1, Breathable The “Extreme Sail XS” Sailing Jacket, is the ideal outfit for Inshore Sailing. It is made of high quality materials, such as Taslon 320T and Taslon Nylon Oxford, with a PU coating, so as to make the jacket waterproof and breathable at the same time. Other features are as follows: - Grade of water impermeability: 15000mm - Grade of Breathability: 2000gr/m2/24hrs - Removable Fleece Jacket - Taped Seams - Two-way Zipper - Retroreflective Stripes - Hood Stored in Collar - Lifejacket and Harness Loops - Inner...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 5

Inshore Full Weather Gear Inshore Sailing Jacket “Free Sail FS” Breathable The Lalizas’ FS Inshore Sailing Jacket is evolutionary compared to other more traditional inshore jackets. Lalizas have created a high quality jacket in both in terms of design and style. Features: - Made of PU coated Taslon Nylon Oxford & Taslon 228T - Grade of Water Impermeability 1000mm - Grade of Breathability 1000gr/m2/24hrs - Two way Front Flapped Zipper - Hand-warmer Pockets & Wallet Pocket - Hood Stored in Collar - Taped Seams - Fleece Lined Collar - Neoprene Inner Hand Cuffs - Lifejacket & Harness Attachment...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 6

Clothing & Accessories Inshore Sailing Jacket “Free Sail FS” Breathable Women’s Jackets Code Code Size Kid’s Jackets Code Size Inshore Sailing Trousers “Free Sail FS” Breathable The FS Inshore Trousers have been designed to match the above jacket range. They share the same quality construction with the jacket, as they are made of PU coated Taslon Nylon oxford. Additional features - Grade of Water Impermeability: 1000mm - Grade of Breathability: 1000gr/m2/24hrs - Seat & Knee Patches - Taped Seams - Adjustable Waist & Shoulder - Front Zipper - Retroreflective Tape Kid’s Trousers Code Size...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 7

Inshore Full Weather Gear IT Inshore Sailing Jacket The IT Sailing Jacket is provided with all the extras you demand from a good Inshore outfit. The classical Inshore jacket is made of a robust Nylon Oxford material and is 100% waterproof with all seams taped and sealed. Features: Reinforced elbows, seat & knee patches, two way front flapped zipper, adjustable waist band, pockets, hand-warmer pockets, wallet pocket, hood stored under collar, fleece lined collar , inner neoprene hand cuffs, lifejacket attachment loops and retroreflective tapes for high visibility. Adult’s Jacket Code Code...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 8

Casual Sailing Design Gear Skipper Jacket ‘MC Maximum Comfort’ Breathable The MC Skipper Jacket combines a perfectly snug and comfortable fit, with warmth, rendering it ideal to be worn in autumn or early spring. It’s quality construction will allow your body to breathe, but also protect you from cold, spray or rain, whether you are on board or on land. Additional features are the following: Code Size Clothing & Accessories - Combination of Jaquard (outside) & Fleece (inside) - Grade of Water Impermeability: 4000mm - Grade of Breathability: 2000gr/m2/24hrs - Taped Seams - Fleece Lined...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 9

Casual Sailing Design Gear Sailing Fleece Vest The Lalizas Sailing Fleece Vest is a must for you, for those cold days on the boat. It is made of microfibre on the outside and fleece on the inside, in order to keep your body warm. Additional features which are worth noticing are the two hand pockets and the adjustable waist strings. The Sailing Fleece Vest is available in five sizes and three colours, blue, red, and sand. Code Size Clothing & Accessories Inshore Jacket ‘Zephyr’, Breathable Especially designed for those chilly days, the ‘Zephyr’ Inshore Jacket will be ideal in terms of...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 10

Offshore Full Weather Gear HTX 15000 Offshore - Jacket Yachtsmen around the world have proven time after time, that Lalizas clothing is the standard for high technology sailing outfits. The Offshore clothing was the first in our range tested and improved with a breathable PU coating of high rating. A garment is said to be waterproof withstanding a watercolumn of 3.000mm (Column 1m wide x 1m long and 3 m high). The Lalizas Offshore Jacket and Trousers have a waterproof rate 5 times as much, without effecting the breathability, lightness and flexibility of the garment. This Offshore set helps...

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Lalizas Catalogue - 11

Offshore Full Weather Gear Inshore/Offshore Sailing Jacket ‘XTS Extreme’ 3 in 1, Breathable The “XTS Extreme” Sailing Jacket is the ultimate in sailing gear technology. It is highly waterproof and breathable, ideal to be used for both Inshore and Offshore sailing. It is made of high quality materials, such as PU coated Cordura and Taslon Nylon Oxford. Other features are the following: - Grade of Water Impermeability: 10000mm - Grade of Breathability: 2000gr/m2/24hrs - Removable Fleece Jacket - Two-way Zipper - Taped Seams - Retroreflective Stripes - Hood Stored in Collar - Lifejacket &...

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