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Anchors are one of the hardest working items you'll find on a cruising boat. As such, they are also usually one of the most unattractive; a rusty, corroded hunk of metal hanging over the bow. But, they don't have to be. This issue I tested the Anchor Refinishing Kit from Sea Tech The Anchor Refinishing Kit consists of a two part 100% solid epoxy with anti-corrosion resistance components. The package includes latex gloves, a brush and mixing spatula. The epoxy comes in a 3 to 1 mixing ratio by volume. You only mix what you need To begin the refinishing process, I mechanically prepared the surface of the anchors with a 3M Auto-Pak Power Rust and Paint Stripper. It's a one-piece stripper, with a built-in mandrel, that quickly removes rust scale from metal surfaces. It is made of a synthetic material wire brushes. enables easy volt cordless drill motor. proven that from metal surfaces. Once the scale was removed, I soaked cotton rags with acetone and cleaned the anchors of contaminates. I mixed the resin thoroughly to ensure that the aluminum, zinc and thickening agent were evenly dispersed. In a separate disposable cup I measured out the exact 3 parts resin to 1 part hardener and mixed the two components until they were one uniform coating. Using the brush supplied, I applied the first coat to the anchors. The first coat took about 15 minutes to

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make certain 1 naa complete coverage. This was plenty of time as the mixture has a usable life of 35 minutes at 68 degrees large impact on epoxy based systems. Warmer temperatures reduce pot life and curing rates whereas cooler temperature mixture and slow down the curing process. The dark grey anchors absorbed the sun's rays. They were warm to I allowed the first coat to cure overnight, then repeated the process two more times in order to achieve the recommended three coats or about 6 mils dry film thickness. Now that the anchors are back aboard on their bow rollers, they look great and as...

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