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ALWAYS PRESENT NEVER NOTICED Drift away for a while, and let the waves guide your journey. Rest. Relax. Unwind. We’ve been expecting you. This is Kohler—a company of craftsmen guided by a singular purpose: your experience. Those quiet moments filled with peace and comfort

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BUILT TO BE FORGOT TEN. On the surface, this philosophy may seem unexpected. But truth be told it’s a mission that makes us who we are. At Kohler, we believe every generator we make—every weld, wire and circuit—is a testament to our quality. That’s why our latest marine gensets are smaller and quieter with less vibration than ever before. Intentionally crafted to escape attention. They are the most advanced, most reliable machines we’ve ever made—not that you’d notice. Technological revolution inspires everything we do—from setting new sound standards to creating the world’s most...

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Our latest marine generators are smaller and quieter with less vibration than previous models. Intentionally designed to go unnoticed. NOW EQUIPPED WITH PE ACE AND QUIET. Our redesigned sound shield—with separate engine and alternator compartments—and improved air management system significantly reduce sound levels. The quiet is all you hear.

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TAKE AWAY VIBR ATION. ALL THAT’S LEFT IS COMFORT. Ask any modern-day mariner, and they’ll tell you there is a magic at sea that trumps the lure of a million landlocked destinations. Out here your escape is fully realized, where delight arrives with dawn and neither deadline nor demand can find you. On a pleasure craft, comfort is king, and vibration an unwelcome guest. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure the only thing you feel from your generator is peace of mind. Our proprietary vibration mount cushions the engine as it moves to eliminate vibration. It’s what separates our marine...

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THE FIRST AND ONLY. We created the first marine generators with built-in paralleling controllers.* Why? To provide an integrated generator network that gives you power when you need it most. KOHLER PARALLELING STANDARD PARALLELING Starboard Generator Switchgear Port Generator Night Generator Port Generator Night Generator Starboard Generator THE WORLD’S MOST INTELLIGENT GENER ATOR SYSTEM INSTANT PARALLELING PGEN connection parallels up to eight KOHLER generators of varying sizes with a single communication wire for maximum power potential. When the first generator’s load is light, the...

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INNOVATION IN EVERY DETAIL. 0, KOHLER® w DECISION-MAKER® 3500 CONTROLLER • Easy-to-read 4.3-inch LED backlit color graphic LCD display • Functions include bus sensing, first-on logic and synchronization • Monitors critical power information-voltage, current, frequency, power • Monitors critical engine information-oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel flow, runtime, battery voltage • Monitors analog inputs, warnings and faults • Remote-start and remote-stop convenience • Single- and 3-phase paralleling available • Seamless transfer to shore power 2, QUIETER, WITH LESS VIBRATION* •...

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Generator Model Length x Width x Height mm (in) H – Housed / U – Unhoused Generator Model Length x Width x Height mm (in) H – Housed / U – Unhoused

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Generator Model Length x Width x Height mm (in) H - Housed / U - Unhoused / R - Radiator WHY KOHLER® PROVEN RELIABILITY Every KOHLER, marine generator is extensively quality-tested—before model release and before leaving the factory. The result is proven reliability. PREMIUM LIMITED WARRANTY We cover the first two years, with the option to purchase additional years. GLOBAL SUPPORT With nearly 1000 sales and service locations around the world, we’re everywhere you go. *kW rating varies by voltage. Consult the generator spec sheet for more detail.

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