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The original! From classic “honks” to complete ship whistle systems

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The acoustic signalling system - for every ship and requirement A Kockum Sonics whistle is high-quality design, it contains the experience of more than 1 million TYFON® installations! Audibility is determed not simply by the strength of sound emenating from the whistle – much more is entailed to overcome absorption, distortion and ambient noice. This quality is the result of more than 80 years of development. The TYFON® fulfils all current IMO and national authority regulations. Typical Shipset for overall length of more than 200 meters SUPERTYFON MKT 150/110 ELECTRO‐TYFON MTX 150/130...

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Typical Shipset for overall length of 75-200 meters SUPERTYFON AT 150/200 ELECTRO‐TYFON MT 150/130 Signal Controller: TLG2000 or Ti98 Push‐Button: TL80 Panel or Box mounted Typical Shipset for overall length of 20-75 meters Signal Controller: Ti98 Push‐Buttons: TL80 Panel or Box mounted Morse Keys TL70; Panel or Box mounted 3

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incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 incl. valve unit TV 784 for onboard alarm purposes Valve unit TV 88 optional TYFON - Electrical incl. power amplifier MTK 250

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TYFON - Mechanical Bell and Gong ® TYFON - Electrical Bell and Gong ® Bell and Gong B and G 500 Electronic Bell and Gong BG 300 Electronic TYFON - Signal Controller ® TLG 2000 Signal Controller For one/two whistles, manoevring light, Bell and Gong and GEA TI 98 Signal Controller For one/two whistles, and manoevring light TYFON - Sound Signal Surveillance ® S900 Sound System Surveillance System Incl. 4 microphones

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TYFON - Push-buttons and Manoeuvre light TL 80 GEA (General Emergency Alarm) ALARM - Onboard TYPE POWER SOURCE FREQUENCY, HZ MKEV 75/460-660 Air-driven 460-660 (C02 Alarm) TYPE EQUIPMENT Tl 66 Signal Controller for Bell and Gong, KB 30 and KG 50 (electro mechanical) Tl 65 Signal Controller for Bell and Gong, B and G 500 (electronic) GEA General Emergency Alarm

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TYFON - Signalling: Vessels > 200 m ® IMO MINIMUM IMO REQUIRED FUNDAMENTAL REQUIRED 1/3 RD OCTAVE FUNDAMENTAL TYPE POWER SOURCE FREQUENCY, Hz BAND LEVEL AT 1 M, dB FREQUENCY, Hz MKT 150/90 MKT 150/110 MTX 150-1202) MTX 150-130 2) Air-driven Air-driven Electrically driven Electrically driven TYFON - Signalling: Vessels > 75-200 m ® IMO MINIMUM IMO REQUIRED FUNDAMENTAL REQUIRED 1/3 RD OCTAVE FUNDAMENTAL TYPE POWER SOURCE FREQUENCY, Hz BAND LEVEL AT 1 M, dB FREQUENCY, Hz AT 150/130 AT 150/165 MT 150/130 MT 150/1402) AT 150/200 AT 150/330 2) Air-driven Air-driven Electrically driven...

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TYFON® takes it’s heritage from the world renowned Kockums Shipyard in Malmo. The air driven ship’s whistle was invented at the Kockum shipyard almost one hundred years ago (1918) and has since been continuously developed and improved to meet the demanding and dynamic needs of the world wide shipping industry. Delivery as a success factor To ensure prompt and reliable customer support our products and spare parts can be dispatched from any of our wholly-owned subsidiaries within the Kockumation group dependent on the location of the customer. Key factors such as quick delivery and good...

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SERVICE and suport the coverage you deserve The Kockumation Group has a world-wide network of fully owned subsidiary companies that spans the globe with branch offices in Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, China and The Philippines. In addition to these, the Group has a global network of local agents many of which are capable of providing local service and support for the TYFON® range of marine signalling equipment. Through this extensive combination the Kockumation Group aims to provide as much local assistance where and when it is needed most. For a complete list of all companies and...

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let us add value to your onboard operation Markets and designs high-quality niche products revolving around our core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics. The group focuses on meeting demanding needs in the world wide marine and industrial markets with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Has built up an outstanding knowledge base and is always keen on new innovations. The marine product line consists of ship automation, loading computer, level gauging, ship whistle system and on board boiler sonic cleaning method. Polarmarine has since the beginning...

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China Kockum Sonics, Shanghai office 2123 Pudong Da Dao 506, Dragon Pearl Complex, Shanghai 200135, CHINA Tel: +86 (21) 5885 2729, 5860 3661 Fax: +86 (21) 6853 84 00 Email: jamescao@sonicschina.net Mobile: +86 13801876896 Kockum Sonics, Dalian office Address: Room 1906, Summit Building, No.4 Shanghai Road, Zhong Shan District , Dalian. Postcode: 116001 Tel: +86-411-82592796 Fax:+86-411-82590796 E-mail: henrywang@sonicschina.net Mobile: +86-13998669526 Russia Kockum Sonics 14, Obvodny Kanal, RU-192019, St. Petersburg, Russia Tel: +7 (8) 812 412 70 04 Fax: +7 (8) 812 412 70 04 Email:...

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