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Level gauging systems Through vast experience and knowledge, Kockum Sonics has developed a new and enhanced level gauging system LEVELMASTER® with unique features focussed to onboard operational needs.

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DU350 Tank level display Levelmaster® Level gauging system Draft installation Fuel oil side penetration Ballast side penetration Shipmaster® / Cargo & Ballast automation Loadmaster® Loading computer

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System layout Level gauging cabinet Total system flexibility The LEVELMASTER® system is very flexible. It can be equipped with small touch screens in the engine room and/or large panel PC’s in the cargo control room. LEVELMASTER® is an advanced concept that is easily integrated to other 3rd party systems or within our own ’Master-concept’ including LOADMASTER® and the cargo and ballast system – SHIPMASTER®.

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Onboard operation The Levelmaster® is packed with new technology and is the only system on the market with level sensing using an adaptive air pulse. The system, via a ship-specific mimic enables the crew to continuously monitor each tank’s level, volume, temperature and weight whilst providing constant draught, trim and heel analysis. Such features make LEVELMASTER® the perfect, secure and accurate marine gauging system designed to provide: • High accuracy with automatic calibration • Adaptive level sensing • Automatic pipe purge • Quick update time • Low air consumption • Low maintenance...

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Adaptive level sensing Levelmaster® is an intelligent sounding system that automatically scans and identifies any filling tanks providing them with more air to compensate for any tank filling speed errors that may be induced. This unique ’adaptive sensing’ feature is also applied when the system detects any air leakage within the installation. Another big advantage with the H8 system is that it only measures the static pressure in the tank. When the tank is empty the reading will be 0 mm H2O. Automatic system calibration and purging A key feature of LEVELMASTER® is that it self-calibrates...

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Presentation software and hardware LEVELMASTER® workstation Levelmaster® workstation is our most advanced and data such as volume, level, flow, level rate, temperature, flexible level presentation program that can be used within IG pressure and full trim and heel correction. Additionally our own ’Master-concept’ environment or as an interface to the interface can be tailor-made as required and provides virtually any 3rd party system in use today. LEVELMASTER for full on-screen sensor calibration. workstation allows the user to view the full range to tank LEVELMASTER® panel PC The panel PC...

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Dedicated display units DU350 The DU350 is available in two versions for either Tank or Draught presentation. The Tank version provides level in units or percentage, four alarm limits (L/LL/H/HH) and as an option volume read-out. The Draught version can calculate and display readings at (fwd/aft/mid-port/mid-stbd) plus provide trim and heel values. Manual density adjustment is available for both types. WIM (Water Ingress Monitoring) The WIM panel is a type approved (SOLAS XII/12) alarm annunciation panel providing all required features based upon alarm generation at pre and main alarm...

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Tank and draught applications Kockum Sonics has over an extensive period of time built up a broad level of hands-on experience and consequent knowledge base relating to tank and draught gauging. Today we have all of the necessary components and solutions to meet just about any level gauging need. Ballast, bunker, misc tanks (level gauging) Installation of the sounding tube is simple and in accordance with our comprehensive drawings. Penetrations can be through the tank top or side plate depending upon which scheme offers greater practicality. Potable water tanks (level gauging) As Class...

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Installation components Non return valve complete with isolation valve We strongly recommend the inclusion of the non-return and isolation valve arrangement for a number of reasons. They prevent ingress into the sounding line during a period of air inactivity such as service, shut down or damage to the pipe thus ensuring the electronics in the cabinet are kept dry. Such kits are available for both top and side plate entry. Pressure repeater complete with isolation valve To prevent air ingressed into the fresh water tanks pressure repeaters shall be used. The pressure repeater is available...

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Markets and designs high-quality niche products revolving around our core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics. The group focuses on meeting demanding needs in the world wide marine and industrial markets with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. www.kockumation.se Has built up an outstanding knowledge base and is always keen on new innovations. The marine product lines consists of ship automation, loading computer, level gauging, ship whistle system and on board boiler sonic cleaning method. www.kockumsonics.com Polarmarine has since the beginning developed...

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