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TYFON® MLT 75/345 with Compressor CK 30 and Push–button Switch TL 80 or TL 85 Signalling whistle for vessels up to 20m in length TYFON MLT 75/345 Ref. no. 24510075 Relay 12V: Ref. no. 20400281 24V: Ref. no. 20400282 Compressor CK 30 12V DC: Ref. no. 24530041 24V DC: Ref. no. 24530042 General Information The signalling whistle TYFON type MLT 75/345 with Compressor CK 30 and Push–button Switch TL 80 or TL 85 for vessels up to 20m in length overall is especially made to meet the IMO requirements. The principle items are: • Electrically driven, 12 alternatively 24 V battery voltage. Pressurized air is not required on board. • A real TYFON sound, harmonic and penetrating. This particular design of TYFON type MLT 75/345 enables sound generating with a very high efficiency. • Easy installation, no air tank or valve. • Low electrical power consumption in relation to the sound power (totally approximately 126 dB). IMO limit is 120dB within one 1/3 octave. TYFON type MLT 75/345 is fitted with a support bracket for horizontal mounting and with fittings for connection to a 8/6 mm copper pipe. A bracket for vertical mounting can be supplied on request. The distance (pipe length) Push–button Switch TL 80, TL 85 TL 80: Ref. no. 24500009 to CK 30 must not be more than 3 m to minimize losses. The design and materials are in conformity with our other well–known types of TYFON for vessels. On request, the whole whistle (excl. support bracket) can be delivered chrome-plated. The Compressor CK 30 is an electrically driven sliding vane compressor. It is advisable to mount the compressor indoors to avoid freezing. Technical Data Frequency: 345 Hz Sound Pressure Level: Total: 126 dB IMO limit (1/3 octave): 120 dB Power consumption at 12 or 24 V DC: 200 W Weight: TYFON with bracket: 1,5 kg Compressor: 1,6 kg Push–button switch: 0,1 kg For Push–button Switches TL 80 and TL 85, see separate leaflet. KSM 259E/0216 Replaces KSM 259E/9918

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Spare Parts and Dimensions 410 370 2 10 1 9 Ø 240 3 96 4 5 6 8 6 14 Ø 5mm 13 12 25 7 Pipe thread 1/2" max. 5mm 28 14 Copper pipe Ø 8/6mm 4 holes Ø 7mm 20 182 45 Relay 45 70 Ø 22 Oil nipple Ø 80 Copper pipe Ø 8/6mm 85 8,5 Push–button Switch Panel TL 80/TL 85 thickness Hole 1—5mm Ø 22,5 135 Compressor CK 30 30/51 86 87 11 Relay 77 12 or 24 V DC Compressor CK 30 Wiring diagram (mm) Mounting Service In order to obtain a good all–round sound radiation, the whistle must be mounted as high and free as possible, according to the IMO regulations. The compressor is to be mounted upright on a wall...

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