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KSM 285/0801 TYFON WHISTLE types KT 75/400, KTV 75/400 TYFON KTV 75/400 (Horn only) (Horn complete with valve unit and mounting bracket) General Information Solenoid Valve TV 88 • Light, rigid and powerful signaling apparatus for different applications e.g. aboard ships, in industry, for military applications and for heavy vehicles etc. • Material: Plastic resin of high impact and vibration strength, certain parts glass-fiber reinforced. • Entirely maintenance-free. The diaphragm never wears out. Technical Data Frequency: Basic note 400 Hz, completed by power and noise penetrating harmonics. Sound level: Sound Pressure Level 136 dB(A) measured at 1 m, equivalent to 120 dB(A) at 6 m and 106 dB at 30m Supply compressed air: Working pressure: 0,2 - 0,5 MPa* (2 - 5 bar)* or (29 - 72.5 psi)* Air consumption: 5 Nl/sec free air (0.18 cf/sec) Weight: Whistle only: Standard voltage for Solenoid Valve TV 88: DC: 24V 115V, 230V AC: 115V 230V Mounting The valve is delivered with filter and complete fittings for plastic tubing on the outlet side and for copper piping with O.D. 8mm (0.3”) on the inlet side. The valve should not be placed outdoors without protective cover. The short connection between valve and signal apparatus should preferably be of flexible material. (Rubber hose or plastic tubing). For distinct code signals, the pipe line must not be longer than 6m between WHISTLE and Valve. When placed outdoors the valve should be protected with cover. Note: Blow the pipe line thoroughly clean with compressed air before connecting to signal apparatus or valve. 0,34kg (0.7lbs) Kockum Sonics AB, Industrigatan 39, P Box 1035, SE-212 10 Malmö, Sweden, Tel: +46 (0) 40 671 88 00 .O. Fax: +46 (0) 40 21 65 13, e-mail: info@kockumsonics.com, www.kockumsonics.com TYFON® TYFON KT 75/400

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Units, dimensions and mounting alternatives Dimensions (footprint) Whistle KTV 75/400 coml. with Valve Unit: Length overall 375 mm Horn diamete 125 mm Height (KT 75/400 only) 110 mm Weight (KT 75/400 only 0.34 kg Inlet hole KT 75/400 BSP 1/8 TV 88 copper pipe OD 8mm KT 75/400 TV 88 Spare parts No. 1 2 3 4 Name. Cover Diaphragm KM 75 BT with O-ring Bend fitting 1/8” Bracket Material. Plastic Titanium nitrile rubber Brass Stainless steel Ref. no. KT 75/400 with Bracket 32171136 39880291 and Solenoid Valve TV 88 mounted separately. 32320013 39880123 . KTV 75/400 complete Diameter of holes: Ø 7...

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