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KSM276E/0519 Electronic TYFON® Whistle ETD 100/350 TYFON ETD 100/350 Ref. no. 24530080 A Strong Signal Without Noise!? Many who sail under the IMO Regulations COLREG 1972 know that these rules request very high sound pressure levels for efcient signalling, yet “ ...the sound pressure level of the vessel's own signal at the listening posts shall not exceed 110 dBA and so far as practicable should not exceed 100 dBA” (extract from IMO Regulations). The rules are demanding a strong signal on board but without noise! A common way to solve this ‘Paradox’ of COLREG 1972 is to place a whistle very high above deck. But what if even the highest point is not high enough? A Whistle with Unsymmetrical Sound Distribution is the solution!!! The novelties in brief with the horn design are: • • • • Concentration of the total sound radiation towards the plane where it is needed-the horizontal plane. This means up to 10 dBA lower sound radiation downwards (and upwards). Appropriate sound spread in all horizontal directions with the strength related to the headline sound pressure level as prescribed by IMO. A sound spectrum specially created to give a high electro-acoustic efciency and, as well, a rich “tone colour” and good properties for perception in noise. Twin unit electrodynamic special drivers of enclosed type, protected under cover of non-metallic material, glass-bre reinforced polyester as the horn itself. From the points above, it is easy to understand that some very important features have been gained with the new TYFON ETD 100/350. The new horn with its unique vertically extended front marks the innovation that makes a major problem reducible. When a “combined system” of two whistles are used as described by IMO, a very effective and signicant tone spectrum can be created. An airdriven TYFON for 260 or 440 Hz can be an excellent part of the appliances for the utmost total performance and reliability. Power Amplier MTK 250 The Power Amplier MTK 250 is in principle a converter by means of which the direct current from a battery or DC generator is treated by an electronic oscillator to an alternating current of a frequency and wave form suitable to feed the horn. A quartz crystal keeps the frequency superstable, and the digital oscillator followed by a special amplier gives an extremely high efciency and reliability in the conversion process. The MTK 250 amplier has the following feature: • Generate momentary signals with a push-button or our series of signalcontrollers. • Be used as a "General Emergency Alarm" unit. • Together with a microphone be used as a PA-amplier. Technical data Frequency (basic): 350 Hz Sound Pressure Level (1m) Total: 132 dB 1/3 octave IMO limit: 130 dB Power consumption (battery): 250 W Heating element: 25 W Power source (battery) Nominal: 24V DC Min: 20V DC. Max: 27V DC Operating ambient temp. for MTK 250: 0... + 50° C Protection class: IP64 Weights: Whistle: 13 kg. Power amplier: 4 kg TYFON ETD 100/350 is equipped with a heating element controlled by a thermostat which switches on at a temperature below + 10° C. Kockum Sonics AB, Industrigatan 39, P Box 1035, SE-212 10 Malmö, Sweden, Tel: +46 (0) 40 671 88 00 .O. Fax: +46 (0) 40 21 65 13, e-mail: info@kockumsonics.com, www.kockumsonics.com ALARM Power Amplier MTK 250 Ref. no. 25530060

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TYFON ETD 100/350 with Power Amplier MTK 250 550 310 1 3 13 500 x 200 180 2 Ref. no. TYFON ETD 100/350 Power Amplier MTK 250 24530080 25530060 1 2 3 Glass–bre 21750090 polyester 21772330 20620019 20320031 36181148 20141010 290 4 5 Horn Cover Driver Heating element Thermostat Fuse 15 A** Fuse 10 A** Microphone* Microphone holder** Ref. no. Subject to alteration without notice. Material Horn direction 240 Spare parts 210 Units Spare parts can be obtained from Kockum Sonics or their agents. When ordering, give part name and reference no. *Option. **Not kept in stock. 200 Mounting “A whistle...

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