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KSM 250E/0710 TYFON ® MKT 75/High-power whistles according to IMO for vessels up to 75 m in length TYPE MKT 75/260 TYFON® TYPE MKT 75/440 General Information Materials etc. TYFON series MKT 75/- are high-power whistles for vessels up to 75m in length according to IMO and are approved in almost everywhere. TYFON has the well-known penetrating sound which is especially made to meet the IMO regulations dealing with the composition of signal tones for an effective penetration on board. The materials for all parts of the TYFON MKT 75/- series are chosen to withstand the highest environmental demands as to corrosion, vibration etc. Electrically operated and lanyard or hand operated valves are available. Appropriately Positioned Whistles Also important are, naturally, the possibilities for an allround sound radiation without obstacles disturbing the sound waves. Even a large deck surface can unfortunately affect the sound propagation similarly to the more well-known optical refraction for light waves. IMO recommends a careful choice when positioning whistles on board; not only by the reasons mentioned above but also in order to fulfil the safety demands as to the permissible sound level at the listening post on board ship. The best solution is a combined whistle system with a frequency difference of at least 10 Hz which must be arranged in accordance with the IMO regulations. Technical Data Frequencies 260 Hz 350 Hz 440 Hz 660 Hz *Sound Pressure Level at 1m. > 130 > 130 > 130 > 130 Air Consumption 8-10 l/s 8-10 l/s 8-10 l/s 8-10 l/s Weight (approx.) 2.85 kg 1.95 kg 1.85 kg 1.60 kg *Limit for vessels 20 to 75 meters l.o.a. 130dB 1/3 octaveband according to IMO Colreg 72. Kockum Sonics AB, Industrigatan 39, P Box 1035, SE-212 10 Malmö, Sweden, Tel: +46 (0) 40 671 88 00 .O. Fax: +46 (0) 40 21 65 13, e-mail: info@kockumsonics.com, www.kockumsonics.com

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TYFON® MKT 75/260-350-440-660 dimension and part numbers The sound emitter is made for a working pressure of 0,3-0,45 MPa directly at the inlet to the diaphragm To attain a working pressure suitable for TYFON MKT 75/- a choke plug is mounted into theTYFON (part 7). Therefore, state in your order the approxi- mate prevailing pipeline pressure • A filter must be fitted at the inlet of the operating valve for separation of dirt particles • It is important that the pipe line is blown clean before connecting to the sound emitter. • A little oil or moisture in the air is harmless for the...

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