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(((•))) Kockum Sonics SUPERTYFON® AT 150/330 with Valve Unit TV A high-power whistle according to IMO for vessels up to 200 m in length General Information Before "COLREG 1972" (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), a popular practice was to use low-pitched tones even for smaller vessels. In other words, the principle of a low tone for large vessels was not followed with sufficient stringency. According to the IMO regulations, the very low tones are strictly reserved for the largest ships. For middle-sized and smaller vessels, there are rather wide limits as to the choice of frequencies. Preference has been given to signals which, even at some distance, have capability to be heard. For ves- sels of 75 to 200m, TYFON® and SUPERTYFON with fre- quencies between 130 and 350 Hz are appropriate. Positioning Whistles For an all-round radiation and a limited noise level from the ship's whistles at the listening posts, the positioning of the ship's whistles Is very Important. For further Information regarding Installation regulations and "Combined Systems", Valve Unit The VALVE UNIT TV 784 has a good air flow section, thermostatic heating, exchangeable choke flanges and filters. The apparatus Is fitted with two colls for normal and emergency operation and lanyard as standard (see separate SUPERTYFON AT 150/330 Is to be fixed with four M16 bolts to an outrigger or similar construction. To avoid functional trou- ble blow the supply pipe thoroughly clean before connecting to the signalling whistle. If the pipe line above deck Is longer than 100m, a primary FILTER TP 15/2 should be Installed at the foot of the mast to protect the signalling apparatus from water condensate and rust particles. This filter Is recommended to be drained regularly, approximately once a month. Technical Data Sound Pressure Level (1m): Air supply pressure with choke regulation: Electric power: "Complementary frequency available together with 330 Hz. For wiring diagram: see Valve Unit TV 784, KSM 264. Kockum Sonics AB, Industrigatan 39, P.O. Box 1035, SE-212 10 Malrno, Sweden, Tel: +46 (0) 40 671

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AT 150/330: Spare Parts and Dimensions 600 400 1 A 30-40 70 150 65 Cables 35 (mm) Air pipe 3 holes Ø 11 100 182 2 120 View from beneath 10 135 Choke flange 62 252 94 Ø 270 A A—A 3 5 4 Spare Parts AT 150/330 No. Name Material 1 Horn AT 150/330 2 3 Screw M6S 8 x 16 Diaphragm KM 150 AT compl. with O-rings Screw M6S 8 x 30 Choke flange (state pressure) Filter Screw M6S 8 x 25 Housing 150 AT Packing 120/36 x 1 Packing 62 x 62 x 1 Packing 80 x 39 x 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Glass-fibre reinf. polyester Stainl. steel Titan/ Nitrile rubber Stainl. steel Brass 2170884 5 7 8 VALVE UNIT TV 784 Ref. no....

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