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(((•))) Kockum Sonics with Valve Unit TV 784 A high-power whistle according to IMO General Information TYFON series MK 75/- of all sizes have always had an efficient sound spectrum fulfilling the highest demands — on vessels as well as in a great many civil defence and dis- aster alarm stations on land. Their popularity can be summarized in practical terms: • a sound spectrum which gives excellent signal quality for detection — by several strong penetrating com- ■ a sound generated in a simple classical way giving full strength also under hard and varying environmental Positioning Whistles IMO describes the importance of appropriately positioned whistles. The best solution from all aspects is a combined system with a frequency difference of at least 10 Hz. but preferably more. Good combinations can be chosen with For the prescribed all-round sound radiation, funnel or front wall mounting are generally not acceptable when only Valve Unit The VALVE UNIT TV 784 has a good air flow section. thermostatic heating, exchangeable choke flanges and fil- ters. The apparatus is fitted with two coils for normal and emergency operation and lanyard as standard (see sepa- Signal Control Facilities Signal Controllers of various types are available for this sound emitter, see separate leaflets. Technical Data Sound Pressure Level (1m): Air supply pressure with choke regulation: Electric power: For wiring diagram: see Valve Unit TV 784. KSM 264.

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MKT 75/260: Spare Parts and Dimensions View from beneath TYFON MKT 75/260 is to be fixed with two MIO bolts and two M6 bolts to an outrigger or similar construction. for the air supply, copper piping 10/8 mm is recom- mended to be used. It must be noted that long pipe lines and low pressures require wider piping. If the pipe line is longer than 100 m. a primary FILTER TP IS/2 should be installed at the foot of the mast to protect the signal apparatus from water condensate and rust particles. This air filter is recommended to be drained regularly, approximately once a month. To avoid...

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