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Carry the comfort of home everywhere you go! Lite-Touch™ Q to-go! by Kenyon combines waterproof convenience with portablility. Safe and easy to use, store away after use. Kenyon International, Inc. building quality specialty cooking appliances since 1931.

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8 7 Subtly textured surface, beveled edged ceramic glass The touch control system from Kenyon integrates the visual effect of knob control with the ease of touch control. 5.3" Simply touch the ON/OFF circle and 5.3" C then raise or lower the heat setting by pressing the + or - graphic on the ceramic glass and start cooking. 12.5" Elegant in design, the Lite-Touch™ Q to-go! waterproof cooktop is mounted into a marine-grade stainless steel enclosure which can be placed on any countertop area. Perfect for use in any lab, dorm room, galley, or catered affair. D Equipped with a GFCI powercord...

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