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Cooking on the go just got easier! Kenyon PUPS™ hold your pots in place while underway. One push to pop it up. One push to lock it down. Kenyon PUPS™...the Pop Up Potholder System. Kenyon International, Inc. building quality specialty cooking appliances since 1931.

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Three Burner Units Touch Control Lite-Touch™ Series Model B40547PUPS Landscape 240 V AC 50/60 Hz - 17.5 amp. 2 - 6 1/2” (165mm) @ 1200 watts 1 - 8” (200mm) @ 1800 watts B Overall Dimensions: Cutout Dimensions: Always there when you need them, never in the way! The Pop Up Potholder System. Kenyon PUPS™ keep pots safe and secure using a very innovative, patented design. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: Two Burner Trimline Units Touch Control DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES TOLERANCES: ANGULAR: MACH 0.50 BEND 1.00 ONE PLACE DECIMAL ± 0.1" TWO PLACE DECIMAL .01" THREE PLACE DECIMAL .005" INTERPRET...

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