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Indoor Catalogue - 2

Keha3 was founded to make the world better and more interesting place. With ambition, courage and experience to accomplish great things – to bring our and your dreams, wishes and needs into reality. All products are made with the belief that we are doing the right thing! Our goal is to produce functional and durable products that support, create and assert the local identity. If we succeed, these products have to be able to carry on emotions through generations, and create a bridge of memories between different generations by cementing a feeling of belonging in this fast-paced, superficial,...

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Indoor Catalogue - 3

BAZE Business Center I

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Indoor Catalogue - 5

Lightweight Chandelier Lightweight Chandelier is an organic beast. Starting at the top, a randomized cluster of plugs waterfall into an organized system of directional lights. Each can be repositioned to illuminate space accordingly. Its technical solution has a strong influence on the appearance of the chandelier because when moving or even changing the angle of the lighting elements as cables move along, the appearance of the whole luminaire changes. The construction can have three levels of different sizes, which gives the possibility to create chandeliers with 8, 16, 24 and 32 lighting...

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Indoor Catalogue - 7

The lighting elements of the Lightweight family mimic the form of a weight and are designed for durability and flexibility so they can last many generations. The heads can be suspended as individual fixtures or grouped together to create chandeliers of various sizes. The Lightweight system includes components that allow it to be converted into a floor, desk, ceiling or wall-mounted lamp. Each head is removable, and can thus be temporarily separated from the structure for singular use, then later be placed back. Due to the simplicity of assembly, transportation of Lightweight lightings is...

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Indoor Catalogue - 10

Birhc Catkins Birch Catkins chandelier has a modular compile inspired by a birch bough with catkins during the early spring. Its main parts are four branch types, which are used to combine several kinds of chandeliers. The luminaire has a light mathematical structure that is intended to support the idea of filling interiors with nature. By using two different types of light sources we are creating appropriate lighting conditions for the room. The down-headed lamps are covered with borosilicate test tubes, which are imitating catkins and give smooth and warm overall light. The other lamps...

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Indoor Catalogue - 12


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Indoor Catalogue - 13

Branch Chandelier mimics the organic shape of a tree's boughs by arranging aluminum tubes into a complex composition. Illuminated via dimmable LED elements, the fixture achieves modernity in natural form by juxtaposing strong linearity with seemingly random configurations. The dimming system allows one to choose suitable light-intensity to set the mood in a room. Power fittings and head controllers are located in the hanging knapsack. Each LED element can be manipulated, adding dynamism to an otherwise static form. The elements of the bough can be easily turned, and therefore it is hard to...

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Indoor Catalogue - 16

Acoustic lights have a strong influence on the acoustic comfort and properties of a room when it comes to sound behavior and function of the space. For optimum speech intelligibility, one needs to exploit the reflection of sound on walls, floors, and ceilings. In most cases, the preferable solution is to reduce the reflections to create a more private and intimate atmosphere. Acoustic is a big interior lighting that is modular, user-friendly and playful. As the stripes used in the luminaire's construction are made out of synthetic felt, the lamp muffles bleak tones. The felt stripes are...

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Indoor Catalogue - 19

Throat The Throat lamp borrows its shape from industrial ventilation pipes. The casing offers extreme flexibility, enabling the user to direct light as they see fit, making it a very versatile lighting. Whether in the bedroom, office, den or dining room, you can adjust and readjust to your needs without any tools required. Its industrial construction highlights its durability while the polyurethane coating provides a pleasing finish. Available in two lengths, the lightings are well suited to contemporary spaces due to their adaptability and can be wall or ceiling mounted. In addition, users...

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Indoor Catalogue - 22

Buoy Buoy was designed with a wish to create a portable and durable outdoor luminaire, which at the same time would look attractive indoors. Buoy can be hung on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or placed in the corner ofa room. Outdoors it can be put ina garden, off the wall of a building, on a dock or fixed to a pole. The luminaire is designed to resist different conditions of use. Buoy has a switch on it, which means it is easy to turn the light on and offon Buoy itself. It is also possible to 'dress' up Buoy in handmade net, giving the lighting even more of a marine look. Buoy can...

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Indoor Catalogue - 25

• Can be used as a chair and/or a light • Possibility to have a rotating system • Vandal-proof • Weatherproof • Unsiknable The Cranberry chair-luminaire is a furniture element which has the possibility to add an internal lighting. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. With its distinctive shape and eye catching colors, Cranberry can be a centerpiece of your interior. Cranberry can be even more accentuated by adding a light inside. Ideal as an illuminated seating element in your living room or when adding multipe Cranberries together, forming a reception area for hotels,...

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Indoor Catalogue - 28

Peatakana Stability of the housing is ensured with ~ 40kg of sand/gravel For public areas to prevent theft, ~ 150kg of sand/gravel is recommended • Can be used as a chair, table and/or a light • Different sitting positions • Vandal-proof • Weatherproof • Mobile Peatakana (headlesschicken) is a multifunctional and durable plastic bench - suitable for large variety of environments: living rooms, reception areas, childrens' playrooms, gardens, parks, city centers, patios, pool areas and even public beaches. The bench was inspired by windy Tallinn and can be used in 3 different configurations....

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