2019 JET SKI® - 32 Pages

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2019 JET SKI®

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Professional rider on a closed course.

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JET SKI® STX®-15F in Ebony/Lime Green JET SKI® WATERCRAFT CONTENTS JET SKI® Ultra® 310X SE & JET SKI® Ultra® 310X JET SKI® Ultra® 310 Trim Levels JET SKI® Ultra® 310 Series

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Turn the water into your ultimate playground. Engineered to live up to one of the most iconic names in water sports, every Kawasaki JET SKI® watercraft delivers unmistakable excitement. Dominate the waves with thrilling performance, innovative technology and exclusive features. Kawasaki side x sides, ATVs and JET SKI® watercraft are assembled by Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. from foreign and domestic parts in Lincoln, NE.

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Kawasaki has breathed life into the watercraft category with the revolutionary four-stroke JET SKI® SX-R™ stand-up watercraft. With powerful thrust and agile rider-active handling from the V-shape hull, the JET SKI SX-R offers race-ready engine and hull performance that empowers comfort and confidence. Stunning acceleration and superb cornering performance create a whole new level of exhilaration, bringing the sport of stand-up watercraft into the modern age

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craft. hull JET SKI® SX-R™ in Ebony/Lime Green

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Kawasaki redefined the standard for power with the 1,498cc inline four-stroke engine. Thanks to legendary Ninja® motorcycle-derived technology, it's the hardest accelerating production stand-up JET SKI' personal watercraft ever. Plenty of thrust is available even at low rpm, and the abundant torque and smooth power delivery helps riders feel more confident. A key-operated magnetic ignition switch helps . deter theft and a wrist lanyard connected to the - ■>-- -engine stop switch automatically cuts power to * * ’ • . •• '“ *"9.1^ ^ the engine ifthe lanyard is disengaged. Professional rider...

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V-SHAPE HULL The V-shape hull design offers an ideal combination of light handling and agility for stand-up performance like never before. The hull carries the engine low and central for balanced weight distribution, resulting in exceptional cornering performance and outstanding handling both in straight lines and in turns. Ebony/Lime Green

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SMOOTH WATER SPECIALIST When the water is calling, answer it with the JET SKI® STX®-15F personal watercraft. Powered by a class-leading, potent marine-grade, naturally aspirated 1,498cc engine with digital fuel injection, it delivers strong acceleration, excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The agile composite hull and advanced rider features make it the ideal choice for all enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating ride across the glassy horizon.

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JET SKI® STX®-15F in Ebony/Lime Green

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KAWASAKI SMART ® STEERING The Kawasaki Smart Steering® system assists handling under certain conditions by simultaneously monitoring the steering input and the engine speed. The system offers assistance when the throttle is released from high speed and a turn is initiated

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COMPACT V-HULL The JET SKI® STX®-15F watercraft has a shallower V-shape and slightly more compact hull design than its JET SKI Ultra® siblings. This allows it to get up on plane quickly and easily, making for a nimble and responsive watercraft that specializes in smooth-water maneuvering. LARGE REAR DECK The large rear deck of the JET SKI® STX®-15F watercraft allows plenty of room to climb aboard, or to sit and put on skis or a wakeboard. A long, retractable re-boarding step makes it easy to get back on board after playing in the wate

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Comfort and performance strike an ideal balance with the Kawasaki JET SKI® Ultra® LX personal watercraft. With the ultimate combination of abundant power and precise handling, the Kawasaki JET SKI Ultra LX is the choice for discerning watercraft enthusiasts. All-day outings are made easy with the convenience of its sealed, industry-leading 56-gallon storage capacity. Pack what you need and head out for a day of fun on the water.

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JET SKI® Ultra® LX in Ebony/Metallic Tungsten Gray

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The LXury seat features the most comfortable three-person seat on the water, providing the rider and passenger optimum support to spend countless hours riding in comfort.

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DEEP-V HULL Confidently cut through waves thanks to the deep, 22.5-degree deep-V hull, which the JET SKI® Ultra® LX shares with the JET SKI® Ultra® 310 models. Race-inspired sponsons help “grip” the water in the turns for precise handling and optimum performance. ABUNDANT POWER The four-stroke, naturally-aspirated 1,498cc engine of the JET SKI® Ultra® LX produces abundant power with strong acceleration. The 20.6-gallon fuel capacity means your water adventures can go the di

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SUPERCHARGED VERSATILITY The JET SKI® Ultra® 310 Series offers the most powerful production personal watercraft in the world. With three-passenger seating and premium technology, JET SKI Ultra 310 Series watercraft are built for anything from leisurely cruises on the lake to off-shore races across the ocean. Whether you’re taking on the competition with the race-ready JET SKI® Ultra® 310R or cruising through the waves while listening to your favorite tunes aboard the JET SKI® Ultra® 310LX, a class-leading 20.6-gallon fuel capacity and 56-gallon storage compartment let you ride the water all...

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JET SKI® ULTRA® 310 SERIES SUPERCHARGED ENGINE The 1,498cc inline, four-cylinder, supercharged engine is the undisputed king of the water. The high-tech Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger boosts the compact powerhouse, delivering thrills sure to ignite your senses. The sound and feel as the engine hits max boost pressure leaves no question as to why it sets the standard for power and acceleration. JET SKI® Ultra® 310LX in Ebony/Candy Lime Green KAWASAKI SMART STEERING® The Kawasaki Smart Steering® system assists handling by simultaneously monitoring the steering input and the...

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