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KF Standard - 3

Simplicity and robustness, Design and performance. Our products are known to be the most reliable on the market. we have thousands and thousands of miles of experience on the forces submitted to the deck equipment. We took our time to design a new generation of reefing furlers combining a multitude of advantages without forgetting our DNA: a simple, robust, design and efficient product. A full-option reefing furler accessible to all. + Performance • Reduced mechanical dimensions: drums as slim as a reefing furler, shortest swivel on the market • ery low friction maintenance free V sealed...

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KF Standard - 5

THE KARVER REEFING FURLER IN DETAIL: Reinforced swivel (design & bearings) Quick set up luff line guide Upper swivel track endstop Halyard diverter Black hard anodizing Fixing by soft or stainless steel shackle Optional carbon drum fittings, linen or wood High strength aluminum (6082T6) Removable drum (regatta) Minimized weight & heights Anti-corrosion protection Reduced height Large diameter for more torque Elliptical profile on all models Wide interior space Reinforced connections plate 5

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KF Standard - 7

A simple range, just as efficient for cruising and racing, 6 models for sailboats from 7 to 26 m. We want to get rid of distinctions between “racing” reefing furlers or “cruise ”. The expectations in terms of reliability or performance are the same. Whatever your program, Karver reefing furlers are your allies of choice. Unlike what is currently proposed on the market, all these options are included as standard when you choose Karver: - Double groove extrusion profile - Elliptical profile - Removable drum - Removable stainless steel luff guide - Black hard anodizing Single line version and...

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KF Standard - 8

A model for each unit MODEL Max forestay diameter. without removable end fitting (mm) Forestay diameters max. with removable end fitting (mm) Standard chainplate diameter (mm) Extrusion model Extrusion outer diameter (mm) Standard extrusion length (m) Removable drum Luff line guide Double groove extrusion Long and intermediate plates Turnbuckle cover Luff line diameter (mm) Standard tube length Double groove extrusion Selection guide 3 Parameters to define your choice. Forestay diameter, boat length and sail area. Length (m) Length (feet)

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KF Standard - 9

SELECT THE RIGHT MODEL AND THE RIGHT OPTIONS IN 6 STEPS 1 Determine the correct KRS model taking into account: - orestay diameter and the fittings size: F fixed or removable eye, threaded swaged stud or not. - Triple entries selection guide shown on previous page. - Contact us if you have any doubts, contact details on the last page. Add or delete prole lengths of 2 meters. Each kit includes between 5 and 10 proles but you can request an adjustment. 3 If your forestay is fitted with a turnbuckle, it's a safe bet that you need the turnbuckle cover option (TB assembly page 11). Only...

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KF Standard - 11

Fixing systems The standard model comes with short holed plates shown below in figure (S). Intermediate (M) or long (XL) plates or a turnbuckle (TB) are available as an option.

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KF Standard - 12

OPTIONS & ACCESSOIRES ADDITIONAL PROFILE The kit includes one 2 meters profile equipped with its reinforced junction. MODEL PART NUMBER Turnbuckle cover If your forestay is fitted with a turnbuckle, it's a safe bet that you need the turnbuckle cover option (TB assembly page 11). Only exception: If your turnbuckle is installed under the drum and with long link plates (XL assembly page 11). TURNBUCKLE COVER (DELIVERED) SHORT NOSE PART NUMBER PART NUMBER Furling lines We offer standard or optimized furling lines. The optimized line is uncovered to take up less space in the drum. The covered...

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KF Standard - 13

Link plates The link plates allow to adjust the height of the drum in relation to the chainplate. The link plates supplied are short. You can ask for longer ones (passage of the anchor shank, chain plate at the bottom of the anchor locker,… ). LENGTH (mm) PART NUMBER Lower pin We offer several pin diameters to make the perfect link between the link plates and the bottom eye of your forestay. Consult us if your pin is not in this list. MODEL Furling line fairleads 3 Karver solutions to guide the furling line from the cockpit to your reefing furler. Stanchion fairlead KRO low friction open...

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KF Standard - 14

Dimensions and options DRUMS Dimensions depending on the holed plates used and whether or not the turnbuckle is used. 4 main versions: short plates, inter plates, long plates, turnbuckle cover. KRS20 Pin-to-pin S link length Pin-to-pin M link length Pin-to-pin XL link length Width between plates Plate thickness Standard shaft diameter Drum pin - turnbuckle cover option (useful inside height) Drum-drive sleeve pin (useful inside height) Inner diameter drive receptacle Drum inner diameter Standard inner bearing diameter Drum pin - tack point Internal drum height Drum diameter Drum capacity...

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KF Standard - 15

SWIVEL dimensions and options Distances in mm Swivel height Lashing drilling center distance Distance between eye lashing Devitop diameter Devitop Height Minimum profile height above the swivel Clearance between Devitop and swaging In bold main models, KRS25 and 45 are variations (1) Swivel identical to KRS30 (2) Swivel identical to KRS50

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KF Standard - 16

COME AND TEST OUR PRODUCTS IN OUR SHOWROOM, IN LORIENT LA BASE. CONTACT US Karver Systems Headquarter: Avenue Marcel Liabastre - 14600 Honfleur - France Karver Systems Sales & Showroom: 1 rue d’Estienne d’Orves - 56100 Lorient - France Email : Tél.: + 33 (0)2 31 88 37 98 - Fax: + 33 (0)2 31 88 56

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