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Product programme We construct new systems for boat and bathing jetties, swimming and bathing islands and pontoons. In doing so we utilise our own system components whenever possible, in turn reducing costs and planning risks. Due to our experience, also gained in the refurbishment of systems, we are able to offer you professional and innovative solutions. A long service life and limited maintenance costs are the mark of our jetty systems. Our team will be happy to support you. jetty systems outriggers pontoons and bathing islands

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1. Jetty systems We build jetty systems which can be adjusted to your needs and the contours of your shoreline. Subsequent expansions are no problem because the systems are modular by design. When expanding floating systems, we predominantly utilise our tried and tested standard pontoons, usually in a double-row configuration. The service life and the limited maintenance costs are particularly attractive here. The framework is constructed from saltwater-resistant aluminium or galvanised steel. Frames are produced from stable profiles in a ladder configuration, which can themselves be...

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Surfacing For our surfacing we use the especially well suited, grooved garapa wood. The appearance, service life (approx. 20 years), splitting characteristics and freedom from warping make this a particularly recommendable option. Other types of wood are also available on request. As an alternative we also offer grilles in GRP or metal. Grilles are also an excellent alternative if extensive soiling is expected. The GRP micro configuration is particularly comfortable, even with bare feet. GRP is an attractive option due to its very long service life and non-slip surface. Should a...

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Cleats, moorings etc. We offer cleats and moorings suitable for our jetties. These are produced in accordance with the jetty grid pattern, so that attachment and rearrangement are possible at anytime. As materials we select either V4A stainless steel or aluminium. The space between holes is 100 mm or a multiple of this. Access bridges Access bridges are individually produced from light, wear-resistant aluminium. Traffic loads are dependent on the jetty loading, i.e. 1 or 2.5 kN/m². The dimensions, design etc. are all compliant with the standard DIN EN 14504. The minimum width is 90 cm....

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3. Refurbishing existing systems We refurbish systems with similar or alternative pontoons, starting from the floats right through to the surfacing. You decide how much you need. We can either provide all of the services, or supply the requisite parts which you can then install as you wish. Support and technical assistance can be provided as required – we don’t leave you “floundering”! We can supply all components including the surfacing, pontoons, mountings etc… Whenever possible, we use our durable standard pontoons in a refurbishment, in order to guarantee your system a long service...

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Contens [litres] Buoyancy with res. freeboard 25 [cm] 1 kN or 100 kg/pontoon 250 1,25 or 125 kg/pontoon Ponton 400 PE Designed in the same way400 jetties, we2,5 kN or 250 kg/pontoon as our also produce Ponton 200 PE approx. 10 approx. 14 approx. 18 bathing and event islands which unite a long service life, advantages and much more. We usually use garapa wood as the surface material, due to its smooth surface, service life and the disinfecting effect of wood. We naturally also offer accessories such as bathing steps, railings, sun protection etc. Buoyancy standard pontoon 200 Litre Buoyancy...

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