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KAREL OPEN 450 - 1

4,50 m MTIKO? (u£y.)/Length(max.)/Longueur (max.)/Lange (max) 300 kg < Bdpoi; ircpuiov(xcapi; ui)xavfj/Weight (approx.)/Poids approx (sans moteur )/Gewicht approx (ohne Motor) 15-30hp • HP <rovioT(&(i£vti/Recommended Power/Power recommandeVPower empfohlen 50HP • HP max/Max Power/Max Power/Max Power C • KoTiiyopia/Design Category/Categorie/Design Category KAREL BOATS, AioSupou 156,264 43 ndTpa TqA.: 2610 422.575, Fax: 2610 428.212156 Diodorou str, 264 43, Patras Hellas - Tel.: +30-2610 422.575, Fax: +30-2610 428.212 WWW. elb O Sit S . gf

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KAREL OPEN 450 - 2

Baaucrj 'EKSOOIJ: AuToorpaYYi^oucvo Kaxdorpmna, ptiovto, OEOTPE?, a7to9TjK&; unpoi; /jriaoj, cunpoi; nXaivo anoomouEvo KaBioua, KovooXa HE crfiarnua SieuMrvaEco?, qxora, pikia inox. Standard Edition: Self bailing cockpit, Bow roller, cleats, front & aft storages, side forward removable front seat, console with windshield and steering system, Navigation Lights, stainless steel rails. TIpoaiperiKd: MaijiXdpia, ^nnXcoorpa, jiXaxn oSnyou, xoXcova rpans^utv, OKOXO. Optional: Upholstery, sun bed, drivers back rest, column for table, ETI10YAAZZOYME TO AIKAIQMA AAAATHZ TON TEXNIKON nPOAIATPA0QN...

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