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Are you experienced sailor and you are looking for new, more interesting aspect of sailing? Interesting, like Proton yacht concept sporty, one person keel ballast dinghy, designed according to international 2.4mR race class rules. When you spend a while to know this kind of construction, you will understand why it is so popular and gained so good recognition in the world. Do you know another so small keel ballast yacht with so big trim opportunities, which gives you so much excitment as well safety Proton is pure training boat, which you sailing by, sitting on comfortable seat in cockpit and all the lines and regulations are within reach of your hands. Relax! 170 kg ballast replace you hiking out, and preserves Proton against keel over. Additionaly, concerning your safety, Proton was designed as unsinkable boat, thanks to two displacement chambers, filled with foam.We took care of comfort in cockpit too waves splash water you can pump out by one of two pumps, handy or electric one. When you find yourself on Protons deck and you feel realy safety, you will notice soon, how strong you can concentrate on real sailing and how much you improve your sail technique using both sails. You steer the yacht by tiler joystick, placed in front of you or by steering pedals, to free your hands. TECHNICAL DATA hull length sail area

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Proton - 2

If you sail another class, Proton also will be helpful! Thanks to this boat, you can have full value regatta tactic training, two persons and two boats are enough to do it. There is no need to wait to complete Proton will let you to look at sailing from another perspective. With your head low, ¡ust a little under the waterline, you enhance feeling of speed and all emotions. All of this you can experience in comfort and quietness, regardless of wind speed. Solid and well-considered Proton construction assures your safety in every conditions. Big, admirable for others, lists, will become for...

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