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Merlin - 1

sailboat, which let you experience the greatest sailors emotions in comfort and safety feeling? The sailboat, which always will be obedient to you, let you develop your skills and brings you a lot of fun, no matter if you are beginner or experienced sea wolf. When you find yourself aboard, you will be suprised that there is so much space and sailing is more comfortable than on many other and bigger sailboats. Surely you will consider, how the centerboard box was hidden under the cockpits floor, that let you even lay down. After a while you become convinced to well-designed construction of Merlin. With the first wind blow on your face you will feel how easy the boat speed up, to sail quicker and quicker! Do you think the quick boat can't be agile and safe? After the first turn you will notice that it is very manageable and stabile dinghy. The Merlin assures also dry sailing. Turned deck flange preserve you geting soaked and other boats left behind you make you smiling. You can take two close persons aboard to experience adventures together. TECHNICAL DATA hull length hull weight

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Merlin - 2

We think also about your safety. Merlin is unsinkable thanks to displacement foam filled chamber under the deck. If you enjoy to revel on water, don't worry, you can find the foam in mast and boom to avoid reversing the boat with mast deep down, in case of capsize. If you don't want to pour out the water from cockpit there is no need to do it. It can be possible thanks to water outlet. Cockpit has been designed to stay over the waterline and thanks to this, water can go out and deck will dry. Don't you like overturns too much, now? Don't do it, please. Even after the most emotioning...

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