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CSD(X) Series - 1

Rotary Screw Compressors CSD(X) Series With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE Flow rate 1.1 to 17.5 m3/min, Pressure 5.5 to 15 bar www.kaeser.com

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CSD(X) Series - 2

CSD(X) – Even more efficient KAESER KOMPRESSOREN pushes the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again with its latest generation of CSD(X) series rotary screw compressors. Not only do the further optimised CSD(X) compressors deliver more compressed air for less energy, but they also combine ease of use and maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design. CSD(X) – Multiple savings Perfect partners The newly refined CSD(X) systems save energy in multiple ways: the compressor airends are equipped with the further optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors and are...

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CSD(X) Series - 3

Service-friendly design

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CSD(X) Series - 5

Uncompromising efficiency Save energy with the SIGMA PROFILE SIGMA CONTROL 2: optimum efficiency At the heart of every CSD(X) system lies a premium quality airend featuring KAESER’s SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Flow-optimised for impressive performance, these advanced rotors help KAESER CSD(X) systems set the highest standards for efficiency. The internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller ensures efficient compressor system control, monitoring and documentation at all times, whilst the large display and RFID reader provide clear communication and maximum security. Last, but not least, variable interfaces...

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CSD(X) Series - 6

Premium compressed air quality with add-on refrigeration dryer Power consumption ▀ Power consumption: KAESER add-on dryer (kW) ▀ Power consumption: Refrigeration dryer with continuous control ▀ Energy saving: KAESER add-on dryer 100% Energy-saving control Dual cooling The integrated refrigeration dryer in CSD(X)-T units provides high-efficiency performance thanks to its energysaving control. The dryer is therefore active only when compressed air actually needs to be dried: this approach consequently achieves the required compressed air quality with maximum efficiency. Two independent fans...

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CSD(X) Series - 8

High-efficiency drive system: Efficiency class IES2 Standard DIN-EN 50598 The European eco-compatible design standard DIN-EN 50598 defines the requirements for drive systems in electrically driven production machines. This standard specifies system efficiency, taking into account losses from the motor and frequency converter. With 20% lower losses compared to the benchmark, KAESER systems meet this standard with ease. Maximum energy efficiency For the frequency-controlled packages in the CSD(X) series, KAESER meets the IES2 system efficiency standard, which is the highest possible class as...

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CSD(X) Series - 9

Speed-controlled compressor with synchronous reluctance motor Precision pressure control The flow rate can be adjusted within the control range according to pressure. Operating pressure is kept constant to within ±0.1 bar. This allows maximum pressure to be reduced, thereby saving both energy and money. Durable and service-friendly: the rotors of the synchronous reluctance motor do not contain aluminium, copper or rare earth magnetic materials. This therefore makes the bearings and rotors as easy to replace as those in asynchronous motors. The functional principle keeps heat losses to a...

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CSD(X) Series - 10

Maximum efficiency with the frequencycontrolled synchronous reluctance motor Efficient synchronous reluctance motor This motor series combines the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous motors in one drive system. The rotors do not use aluminium, copper or expensive rare earth magnets. Instead they are made of electrical steel with a specialised profile and arranged in series. This makes the drive highly durable and service-friendly. Combined with a high-performance frequency converter The Siemens frequency converter has a control algorithm adapted to the motor. With the fine-tuned...

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CSD(X) Series - 11

Your benefits at a glance: Best system efficiency: IES2 as per EN 50598 Maximum energy efficiency throughout the control range Durable and service-friendly drive Advanced drive technology Minimal operating costs, high productivity and availability Entire system EMC-certified Asynchronous reluctance Synchronous reluctance Performance Applications for speed-controlled compressor systems with synchronous reluctance motor A recent study shows that the typical compressed air consumption profile is in the 30-70% range of the maximum. This is where a speed-controlled rotary screw compressor with...

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CSD(X) Series - 12

CSD and CSDX Series – Water-cooled... ...with plate heat exchanger Two copper-soldered stainless-steel plate-type heat exchangers assure high cooling capacity thanks to the corrugated plate design with excellent heat transmission properties – the perfect choice for applications with clean compressor cooling water.

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CSD(X) Series - 13

...with shell and tube heat exchanger Shell and tube heat exchangers made of copper-nickel alloy (CuNi10Fe) have similar cooling performance to that of plate-type heat exchangers, but are less susceptible to contamination. The exchangeable inserts allow easy cleaning or replacement in case of contamination. In addition they are seawater-proof, which means that they are suitable for compressors used in maritime applications. Moreover, they exhibit exceptionally low pressure loss, which in turn saves energy and money.

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CSD(X) Series - 14

ambient heat total electrical power consumption compressed air energy potential Approx. 5 % heat dissipation from the drive motor heat dissipated by the compressor into the ambient air Approx. 76 % heat energy recoverable through fluid cooling heat remaining in the compressed air heat energy recoverable through compressed air cooling recoverable heat energy Savings calculation example for warm air heat recovery in terms of fuel oil (CSDX 165) Maximum available heat capacity: Fuel value per litre of fuel oil: Fuel oil heating efficiency: Price per litre of fuel oil: Cost saving: Further...

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CSD(X) Series - 15

Heat recovery system Cost-effective heating Heat recovery is an all-round win Space heating with warm exhaust air Amazingly, 100% of the electrical drive energy input to a compressor is converted into heat energy. Of that heat, up to 96% is available for heat recovery purposes. Use this potential to your advantage! It’s heating made easy: thanks to the high residual thrust radial fan, exhaust (warm) air can be easily ducted away to spaces that require heating. This simple process is thermostatically controlled. Process, heating and service water Hot water, up to +70 °C, can be produced from...

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