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The Kabola KB Series Ecoline are a range of fully automatic, soot-free, oil-fired 8-38 kW heating systems. KB Ecoline system can be supplied as central heating as calorifier and as combi. The highly efficient blue flame technology ensures that there is no soot emission, less fuel consumption and a lower power consumption. The KB Series can be coupled to the central heating, hot air, floor heating and even an air conditioning system. It is a low maintenance system, thanks to its soot-free operation. SPECIFICATIONS Type Capacity (In kW) idth Installation size (mm)* Depth installation size (mm)* Height installation size (mm)* CH connection (mm) Drinking water connection (mm) Oil connection (internal thread) Flue gas (diameter in mm) Dashboard Energy efficient circulation pump Pump timer Siemens room thermostat Hot water on/off Oil filter Flocotop Oil filter Toc 80 Oil filter External air intake Fill and drain combination Voltage (A.C.) Tap water 60o (p.m. in ltrs) Weight (kg) Efficiency % Water content boiler (litres) Fuel Fuel consumption L/h Flue gas temperature °C Sprayer/Nozzle mm/° Start capacity 230V (W) Operational capacity 230V (W) digital digital digital diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel digital digital digital diesel diesel diesel KABOLA KB ECOLINE: HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND ENERGY EFFICIENT, pjcoLine) Up to 30% less energy consumption. Up to 15% fuel savings. 94% efficiency. 100% soot-free. Environmentally friendly. Less noise. Large capacity, but small installation size! TUV certified Your investment will pay itself back in 3 years! In order to compose an optimum heating system with accompanying central heating boiler, it is important to calculate the exact capacity. The capacity is determined by the volume of the rooms on board, the ship's insulation values and the user's requirements. The sailing season and the area where the ship will sail are also very important. Make sure you are properly advised by a Kabola specialist! For more information: Tel: +31(0)347 320 030 dimensions include the assembly of central heating pump and oil burner.

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