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KABOLA HEATING SYSTEMS Clean, economical and quiet on-board central-heating systems Kabola, a manufacturer of oil-fired and hybrid central-heating boilers, is a household name in the shipping industry. We develop central-heating systems in-house. Also public- and horse transport, the mobile leisure market, as well as locations in remote areas have experienced the advantages of the trustfull Kabola heating systems. Quality Our continual development and improvement process guarantees Kabola's high quality. Customisation Kabola offers quality customised central-heating boilers. Based on the...

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Smart technology On-board heating is becoming an increasingly important issue. Boat owners want maximum comfort and luxury. Blue-flame burners ensure constantly cleaner emissions for diesel-fired central-heating boilers. For the Kabola KB-Series “Ecoline”, this resulted in 0% soot emission. Smart technology, such as an FG switch to turn off the hot water, saves Kabola users hundreds of euros every year. New intelligent GSM thermostats increase the level of user-friendliness. You don’t need to be on board to regulate the temperature. Capacity is key We already offer a high-quality heating...

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KB ECOLINE HYBRID: OIL & ELECTRICITY POWERED Benefits of the most energy-efficient and economical Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID: On the touchscreen of this hybrid system you can select the function you want: 1: INDIVIDUAL OPERATION ELECTRIC SYSTEM OR DIESEL FIRED SYSTEM • System frost resistance (electrical) • Preheating up to 10°C (electrical) • Start/stop-system (circulation pump and electric element stop automatically when desired temp. is reached) • As a result -> less power consumption • Normal heating of the system (oil-fired) • Choose on panel for only electric system (frost free). Burner...

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Benefits of all Kabola KB Ecoline models: 1. ow-temperature exhaust gas L The KB Ecoline uses Blue Efficiency® technology (blue-flame technology) and has a very high core temperature of at least 1450oC. In comparison, yellow-flame burners produce temperatures of around 800oC. The optimised design of the boilers in the KB series enables exhaust-gas temperatures of under 220oC, much less than yellow-flame burners. The high efficiency ensures optimal heat utilisation. 2. 00% soot-free 1 The KB Ecoline is 100% soot-free thanks to the complete combustion achieved by the blue-flame technology. In...

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Electric element Position 1 -> 1000W Position 2 -> 2000W Position 3 -> 3000W Position 0 -> Rest "No soot emissions, lower fuel consumption KABOLA KB ECOLINE ELECTRIC ELEMENT Manually operated hybrid system runs two options: 1: MANUAL SETTING ELECTRIC OR DIESEL • System frost resistance (electric) Burner is turned off • Preheating up to 10°C (electric) • Normal heating of the system (oil-fired) • Only Diesel when not much power 2: ELECTRIC SYSTEM AND DIESEL COOPERATING • Fast warm-up time • Reduces Co2 emissions and lower electricity consumption. The KB Ecoline is an extremely sustainable...

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Clean, quiet and powerful

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The KB Ecoline uses Blue Efficiency® technology (blue-flame technology) and has a very high core temperature of at least 1450oC. In comparison, yellow-flame burners produce temperatures of around 800oC. The optimised design of the boilers in the KB series enables exhaust-gas temperatures of under 220oC, much less than yellow-flame burners. The high efficiency ensures optimal heat utilisation. The KB Ecoline is 100% soot-free thanks to the complete combustion achieved by the blue-flame technology. In addition, usage is permitted in boat houses, ‘clean' cities and harbours (no restrictions in...

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KABOLA COMPACT 7 SERIES The Kabola COMPACT 7 is the smallest diesel-fired boiler in the world that provides 7kW. The COMPACT 7 is available as a central-heating boiler, with a calorifier control, or as a combi boiler. Thanks to its small dimensions and its whisper-quiet, fully automatic operation, this boiler is suitable for small or large sailing boats, motor yachts, holiday homes and camper vans. It is suitable for permanent habitation and even for provision of hot tap water. It is ideal for central heating with radiators and/or combined with Kabola hot-air heating. It is extremely...

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Tailor-made advice To us, customisation is about thinking together with the client and providing tailor-made advice. The client's wishes and the specific applications require creative and practical solutions in order to guarantee an optimal heating system. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities with absolutely no obligations. 1. Kabola heating system (KB Ecoline) 2. Silencer 3. Stainless-steel flex pipe 4. Stainless-steel side fitting 5. Fuel tank 6. Fuel line 7. Central-heating feed pipe 8. Central-heating return pipe 9. Towel radiator 10. Hot-water shower 11. Radiator 12....

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INSTALLATION OF A HOT-AIR HEATING SYSTEM Kabola has developed a system that doesn't require radiators but provides heating via hot air. In addition to the simple and space-saving installation options, our system is unique as it can be combined with radiators. As a result, you can select the most suitable solution for every single room! Whisper-quiet - Powerful - Super efficient Lightweight - Space-saving - Fully automatic Pleasant climate in no time - Easy to use Easy to install - Long lifespan 12 1. abola heating system K (Compact 7) 2. Silencer 3. Stainless-steel flex pipe 4. Fuel line 5....

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND COMPONENTS Our system is composed in a unique way, which makes it efficient and take up very little space. By using one or more hot-air heaters, it is no longer necessary to run large, long air tubes from the boiler to the outlet point. This provides easy and fast installation, as well as a longer operational lifespan. The hot-air heating system is linked to the Kabola boiler with fluid hoses, which also makes it possible to combine the system with radiators. In addition, the system consists of the control panel, the air heater(s) and the air outlet points. Our...

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