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Trawl •Camera Analyzing trawl action for optimal efficiency. Years ago, trawler captains began adopting advanced instrumentation to optimize their fishing effort. Even with all their modern technology, captains knew that there was a big gap between what they thought was happening deep in the sea and what was actually happening. Five years ago, we began to develop an underwater camera and lighting system that could truly assist the trawler captain to analyze trawl action and thus make better, more informed decisions about future trawl deployments that could optimize trawl efficiency and increase their catch. Today, we have a proven, quality product. Tested and re-tested to meet the demands of harsh underwater conditions, our rugged TrawlCamera and LED lighting system is designed to provide the detailed knowledge the trawler captain needs to ensure optimal results. We are very proud to offer our advanced TrawlCamera system, a product line that truly reflects years of maritime experience and exhaustive, focused research and development. Remote Control The beauty of simplicity defined. Just 6 buttons control 2 high-tech cameras and 3 LED light systems. Light Unit With the lights separate from the camera, you have more possibility to light up specific areas to be recorded

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• Projection angle: 90° adjustable • Lithium battery • Separate and adjustable light units • Rugged, protective housing • Recording time: 4 to 8 hours • Image: Full HD quality • Video file format: MPEG4 • Recording view angle: max. 170° • Projection angle: 90° adjustable • USB plug for easy transfer of video • Rugged protective housing Lowlux Camera + LED Light • Recording time: max. 15 hours • Black-white recording • Video file format: MPEG4 • Projection angle: 90° adjustable • Low-weight, compact and flow-dynamic design • Rugged protective housing Handy, wireless remote control Protective...

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